Squid is an influence marketing company engaged
in the planning and execution of customized campaigns with influencers. We unite technology with a team of experts in the process of identification, recruitment
and digital influencers management.

We are influence marketing experts, which is to engage people, among online, which are reference in their areas to share experiences and transmit messages from brands with their audiences.

Our job is to connect people and brands through authentic and organic communication. We create and execute campaigns according to the objectives of each brand, regardless of size or market segment.

What We do?

Customized campaigns
We participate in the design of campaigns with influencers to help your brand to find the best solution in influential marketing.


Content Management
We have a team of experts who are in constant contact with the influencers, ensuring the combined deliveries and the best results for the campaign.


Influencers identification
Select and recruit profiles aligned with the target audience and the objectives of your brand.


Data transparency
We deliver an analysis obtained through automatic monitoring of engagement and content, and provide all data, In real time, on our platform.


How it


Structured campaigns following the goals of your brand, always looking for the best format for the desired results, no matter if it is focused on branding or performance.


Count on our team of experts, which monitors each step of your campaign. Our team conducts the identification process, recruitment and management of digital influencers.

Connect to profiles

With the help of our team, identify profiles that have better synergy and audience for your campaign. Reach potential partners of your brand and use the power of influence in your favor.

Recruit faster

Use the Squid platform to approve profiles with greater identification with your campaign and business goal. Check with transparency metrics for each influencer and, mainly, the audience of each profile.

follow closely

Check the posted content and track in real time the performance of each active profile in the campaign. All data is saved directly on our platform, no need to ask for the numbers to the influencer.

Measure results

Check the results through a custom report with interactions numbers, engagement rate and conversion rate arranged in a simple and practical way, as well as insights to improve future campaigns.
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"The team that serves us is very good! They seek to understand the company and its time to build together each campaign "
Gustavo Costa
"Since I joined the Time Squid, I was sure to be in the hands of a company that brings us closer to national and international brands "
Flavio Fusco
"The professionalism of Squid always make me feel to be dealing with serious brands, that they have the quality I want to pass on to my followers "
Leandro Queiroz
"We are pleased to be part of the Squid! He provided me with various cool campaigns and brought me partnerships with incredible brands "
Thais Ramos
"as influencer, It is very important to link its name to an impact mark on the world stage "
@ vitorcorrea13
Victor Correa
"The Squid was one of the first companies that worked and we really felt that appreciates my work as creator of content "
Eloarah Rock
"I can only thank for each work in the company! always solicitous, helping with doubts, encouraging, and charging that the deadlines "
Five of father
"The platform is a great enabler of all campaign management and the service team is very responsive to any troubles"
Giulia T. Joau
"Squid unites 2 key points: the practical solution platform, and personalized human service "
André Luiz Carlos Lima
Magazine Luiza