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23 The April the 2018

Have you ever wondered how to engage influencers for your business? This is one of the issues that many companies still do not know how to solve.

Today, It is right to say that the forms of consumption have changed. With the Internet, word of mouth of old evolved and leveraged what was restricted to neighborhoods and groups of friends, and the result was one: the emergence of people able to persuade others. In this case, digital influencers are gaining more exposure and, like this, the wave of influence marketing also gained strength.

Working with digital influencers

The Internet environment is extremely democratic. Inside it there is room for everyone, regardless of gender, age, tribe, political orientation or religious, and others. Each person has the possibility to search the content they want to consume and be impacted by others that produce. In this sense, We need to follow a logical about hiring influencers that is very similar to that of online content that just comment.

#Defining your strategy

The influence of marketing is a way to do marketing like any other. Like this, you need to understand your product, people who consume, the audience you want to impact.

If you are developing the plan to hire influencers through the influence of marketing, the proposal remains the same. You need to identify the niche your business, which digital influencers are exponents and produce targeted content, and what is the scope and their relevance.

Learn about the types of digital influencers

To hire influencers that fit best in the proposal of his campaign is necessary, first, understand who they are. Overall, We separated them into two groups: Celebrity Web and microinfluenciadores. Each with their own particularities, positive and negative points.

#web celebrities

As the name says, the webcelebridades are quite popular people on the Internet. Have a far-reaching (million people) e, because of that, They are ideal for campaigns that target a large audience.

however, for being so popular, They end up having a legion of fans that simply followfor who they are, and not the content they produce. This means that the interest of the audience of web celebrities can not be around the product of a brand.

Another point to consider is that there is still a very strong relationship between audience and investment cost, becoming more expensive and webcelebridades, sometimes, inaccessible.


Unlike celebrities, microinfluenciadores not have a far-reaching. However, They have a highly engaged audience and it actually consumes nichado content.

Besides that, for being "ordinary people", They are much more accessible to its audience. Thus, hire niche influencers can greatly increase the permeability in time to answer questions and help meet the brand - and this can be a great advantage.

As influencers impact the care of your brand

But, said all this, maybe you think: “Ah, the scope of the celebrities is so much bigger than the micro will not help me ". Therein lies the idea of ​​climbing its influence marketing strategy using not only a, but several influencers.

Like this, the audience, which until then was reduced, It grows while maintaining high engagement and high quality content.

How to search influencers

If you've seen as an influence marketing campaign is created, You should know how complicated it is to find the optimal strategy for a given influencer.

however, if you have not had this experience, think about the following situation: you want to find influencers profiles that are between 5 thousand 500 thousand followers, that is your niche, your city and produce content that you enjoy.

Although it seems like an easy task, the latest user count shows that only Instagram has more than 800 million active members, making it difficult (is very) the task of seeking influencers for your marketing actions.

#Search and organize the influencers

Generally, there are some different ways to get influencers for their campaigns, no manual or.

Among the manuals accessible ways to find influencers, They are hashtags page Instagram, the page of locations and groups of influencers.

#Hashtags page

Instagram offers, within the platform, a specific page for you to follow the publications that accompany certain hashtags.

If you want to get a specific hashtag, just follow the pattern below, where we seek to #teamsquid.

To seek those that embrace your niche, just change this space for what you want.

From this page, you will find publications (and consequently profiles) certain niches.

#Page locations

In addition to the hashtags page, Instagram platform also makes it possible to find publications according to geographical location.

The search is also simple, just look for the place name in the search bar. The result looks like this:

#Groups of influencers

Another manual way of seeking influencers for your marketing strategy is through groups that some platforms have.

No Facebook, for example, there are several groups of influencers that enable from the search for campaigns to creating debates about the market and about content production.

It is very common brands, agencies and consultants, use such groups to find and recruit influencers.

#influence marketing agencies

In the universe of influence there are also agencies and agents whose focus is to make the digital management career influencer.

Some agencies have, inclusive, specific areas of expertise, facilitating contact with certain niches.

#Influencers platforms

In manual searches and route Agents, you can also use technology platforms that bridge between advertisers and influencers.

The ease of this search format is the fact that technology allows research to be extremely assertive.

Here in Squid the advertiser can target the search for:

  • Key words;
  • Hashtags;
  • Geographic location;
  • Niches and categories;
  • Court hearing;
    • age group;
    • Hearing Location;
    • Genre;
    • interests;
  • Age;
  • Genre;
  • Number of followers.

After all, the use of technology allows advertisers to find and hire ideal for campaigns and influencers, moreover, save time in searching.

#Analysis of content and engagement

The search for influencers, besides seeking the classification according to the characteristics, You must go through the analysis of content creators to do and by their engagement rates.

It is important to keep in mind that everything that is created carries a unique identity and has a message to be passed. Therefore, understand these points and how to align them to the intention your brand makes this a fundamental step.

And finally, but not least, remains the analysis of engagement influencers.

Observe if the influencer has a real engagement (no purchase likes), to respond to comments and questions and relates well to his followers also part of the search step.

As hiring influencers

After finding influencers for their influence marketing strategy, comes the next step: CONTRATA-the.

Are webcelebridades or microinfluenciadores, it is essential to open a communication channel and relationship with them, as well as keep in mind that each influencer has unique features.

#Reaching the(s) influenciador(is)

Despite the search step is important, It is even more crucial to know how to reach the influencers.

We are looking for cases manual, Instagram within itself or by groups, there are two options: email, that many are no longer available on the page itself, or direct message. How the information will be scattered on the platform, the advertiser will need to compile them to work more fluidly.

But when the search is made via agencies, contact and negotiation are made directly with the advisors of each influencer.

Unlike the two forms manuals, the use of influencers platforms allows the advertiser to find contacts listed above, as well as via phone, for example.

#Creating relationships with influencers

Knowing what are the ways to contact the influencers, it's time to actually create a relationship with them.

The influencers are, far beyond just that, content creators. Understanding the style of each one and give autonomy at the time of creation are fundamental to develop a good communication channel.

The horizontality in building a marketing strategy of influence is essential for a successful action. after all, no one better than the creator to talk about their own audience.

#Negotiating with influencers

This is perhaps the most sensitive part of the hiring influencers and cause of many discussions. after all, if the profile is a microinfluenciador is logical that their compensation is small, of course? Wrong!

The issue of cost includes a number of variables: expenses that influencers have to produce content, the extent that they have, and engagement and interaction that the profile has.

Today much is said about thepayment methods influencers for, whether to transfer or route cache. But here's a question (and also a provocation): how you pay your bills?

As the influence of market moves and more professional more each day, The paymentonly by exchange ends up devaluing all sides - content creators, the influence of marketing market, advertisers and employee effort throughout this chain.

After all, the ideal is to understand all the variables for, from this, have a solid foundation of costs and compensation.


Search and hire influencers is a task that requires organization and enough dedication, but the results are there and reinforce the humanizing the brand communication.

The influencers, beyond publicize a product or experience, They have the power to make more human and closer brand of its consumers.

As "people like people", captivate followers with a simple language, accessible and rich in content.

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