Creating a campaign with influencers

9 de May de 2018

The process of creating a campaignMarketing to influencers It begins long before the recruitment alone. Understanding how the action will be executed, with what types and influencers niches and what the campaign goals are primary and fundamental steps.

Despite the influence of marketing is just one of many strategies out there, planning is as or more important, as it includes both internal execution, by the advertiser, and external, by two influencers.

With this in mind, you really know how to create a campaign with influencers?


Defining the objectives of your campaign

The first step in any marketing action, whether online or offline, It is to trace where you're going, that is, what goals you want to achieve. One must think of specific results (that is, increase revenue by itself is not worth).

The intention to have a central goal is in fact to think: why I want to use this strategy? That is the ideal medium for my business? How will I run it?

Because there are several marketing strategies around, do these questions and get the answers become clearer and more tangible results, facilitating the whole direction of your efforts.

Therefore, it is crucial to think of goals as direct: increased brand awareness, lead generation / new users, market education, creating authority, reduction of customers and more.

In addition to tracing the goals, We need to identify who you want to reach with your action. That is, what is your target audience, what they consume and, even more important, where are. after all, there is no point a sensational campaign is conveyed in the wrong place, of course?

With all these set points, it's time to think about how to meet them.


Thinking about the marketing strategy

Like any other form of marketing, the use of influencers requires planning, strategy and execution. Because of this, think about how and what to do is critical for success in the influence marketing.

When we talk about how to make a strategy with influencers, We refer to various points that will make up the action. Think aboutwhat types of influencer use, how many will be needed to have the range you want, which platforms and embrace or not to use technology are the main points.

  • Types of influencers

When creating your strategy with influencers, It is important to think what is the point of your product. The point is to understand that time and what the "size" ideal for your campaign.

If you are looking to reach a lot of people, to generate brand awareness (and not caring much with the audience that you can achieve), is indicated opt major influencers.

If you seek engagement with the product and a targeted content to your audience, indicated is choose the microinfluenciadores - although "minor", They tend to be more targeted.

  • What platforms use

The Internet offers a number of resources and social media platforms for their users. however, when we talk about marketing strategy, how much more, best, of course? Wrong.

Each platform has an audience that revolves around the functionality that provides (some are more focused on video, other in focus and / or text and the like). Therefore, with this in mind, We need to define what is the best disclosure format of your product and, consequently, which focus.

If a photo or short video explains well your product, the ideal is to opt for Instagram. If a longer explanatory video need, focus on platforms like YouTube.

There is also the question of which platforms are not just for copyright content, but also for campaigns with influencers. So, keep an eye.

  • With or without technology

The question of using or not using technology is a key point when creating your marketing strategy with influencers. But, after all, what does that mean?

In a simplified way, it is important to define how the step by step of the campaign will run.

Thinking about the scenariowithout technology, It will be necessary to find one by one the influencers on the platform you judged to be the best for your action, as well as to manage the recruitment and the daily update of all content and metrics generated by each influencer.

Thinking about the scenariowith technology, it is important you setwhichtool is ideal for your business. Here in Squid, for example, we seek to develop the product focusing on all stages. Both enhancing searches by influencers, and in recruitment management (with the shooting emails) and analysis of generated content.


How to use influencers

The influence of marketing is not limited to "blogueirinho" creating a timely content about your product. When we talk about digital influencers, we must consider that arevarious as forms of use-the.

Because of this, definewhich is the ideal format for your strategy is a key point for the success of your project.

Ok, but what does it mean? Generally, there are three ways to use influencers.

  • Activation: digital influencers make specific inserts for a brand. It may be the presence in any event, participation in a special way and the like;
  • Campaign: digital influencers have a longer participation in the brand dissemination strategy. Here in Squid usually measure campaigns for months - and use them several influencers;
  • Ambassadors: ambassadors strategy is to transform a digital influencer in a spokesperson for your brand. The idea is to think of longevity ambassador, that is, have the same influencer at his side for a long time.


The main issues

The creation of the campaign is one of the most important factors for the success of your project. For defining how the entire run will be made, all have well aligned and delimited points gives much more security for your strategy.

Despite the possible delay of this stage, the key is to not pass any of the questions: what to do? How to make? where do? when do?

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