How to sell more with digital influencers

7 de May de 2018

Have you ever thought about how a digital influencer can help your business sell more? despite the influence marketing be a topic for high, It is not always so easy to see the real role that digital influencer has in the purchase decision process of a brand.

Because there are many types of influencers around, the best thing to do is to understand which one best fits your strategy. Is it more important to look at the scope of the profile, which is translated into number of followers, or to engage?

Each influencer has a "superpower" and it is what is the secret to win new customers.


A good influence marketing strategy makes all the difference

Like any other marketing strategy, working with influencers also requires planning. It is essential to bear in mind that the objectives to be achieved, which means to get them and how to measure the success of the action.

You've probably come across the concept of Sales Funnel and how it works. As each step of the funnel embraces a group of people with different needs and desires, the process of choosing the right influencer ends, inevitably, going through it.

The idea, after all, It's simple. If you are looking to spray your brand or product to more people and make them known, you are looking for scope. If you are looking to speak of your product and have an expert taking questions from your audience, you are looking for engagement.

However, Besides scope e engagement, one should also take into account what is the relevance of the influencer has on top of your product.


Within the digital marketing world there is a metric portion. However, the metric that dictates the amount of people that their actions will achieve is to reach. Looking through the eyes of influence marketing, this can be translated in number of followers that have digital influencers.

Although simplistic, it is easy to get the numbers. just think: you hired an influencer whose audience is 5 million followers - logo, your scope can be up 5 million people.

However, is important to note that social media platforms, as Instagram and Facebook, have their own algorithms that end up limiting the real reach of a profile. In practice, this means that 5 millions of people who can be reached in our sample profile will hardly, indeed, reached.


Unlike the reach, the engagement rate is calculated not only on the number of followers of a profile, but also with respect to interactions. Engagement refers to the proportion of followers who had some interaction (Tanned or comments) with the content published on the number of people reached.

A simple formula to measure the final percentage is as follows:

IS important to remember that this formula is used to calculate the engagement of a single post, to calculate the average engagement of a profile, a good approach is to add the engagement last 30 days and divide by the number of posts.

this rate, beyond represent a number, expresses the quality of the content and how much and how the audience interacts influencer. After all, engagement shows who was really impacted by content.


Easy way, the relevance refers to how important profile is determined for a niche / segment.

Thereby, we can say that the relevance does not make one better or worse than the other profile, but rather it indicates that a profile is more / less interesting to influence a marketing strategy.

To illustrate the situation, just think of the following situation: an influencer of online games is much more relevant for a gaming campaign or peripheral than it would for a share of a niche that involves travel, for example. That does not make it worse than someone that niche, only makes it less relevant.

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How to Sell More with influencers

The final answer to this question is: depends on which stage of the sales funnel you want to strengthen. According to a recent survey by Squid, you can see that the greater the number of followers of a profile, lower engagement.

With this result, it can be concluded that:

  • If you are looking to strengthen the top of the sales funnel, targeting a large and varied audience, influencers with many followers are ideal, since it has far-reaching;
  • If you are looking to strengthen the view on top of your product and enhancing the engagement focused on a specific segment, reinforcing the bottom of the sales funnel, ideally opt microinfluenciadores.

What will you say, therefore, which ideal type of influencer for your marketing action is at what time your strategy and your sales funnel is, as can be seen below in infographic.

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