Audience credibility: vale a pena buy followers?

21 de June de 2018

"Increase the credibility of your profile", "Broaden its audience", "Be famous". These are calls that usually appear when the Google search is linked to the purchase of followers, a practice that was very common in recent times as the so-called digital influencers gained strength and in the mainstream media spotlight.

But what it can bring impact to the whole chair of influence marketing?

At first, buy followers or tanned may seem like a great idea if you are a content creation enthusiastic and pretends to live it professionally. After all, with the constant changes of social networking algorithms, create a lasting relationship with an engaged audience becomes a daily challenge - and, if you are starting out in this endeavor influencer, It may seem an unbeatable monster catching growth in network.

→ Remember that a good profilebuilt with quality content and enough commitment. we have, inclusive, several tips scattered here at our blog that can help you. And know that yes, gives a hell of a job gain followers, but it is also rewarding to see the return of this evolution.

Side of the brands, also there is confusion: number of followers may seem an ally in choosing the "best influencer" for a campaign (is here, an important addendum: there is no better or worse influencer, but who givesmatch in its strategy, conversing with your audience in the best way, and that makes this closer relationship for you, brand), but it loses relevance when we analyze the engagement of a certain profile. That is, what's behind these numbers is what really matters.

But first things first ...

#From the beginning

What it means buying followers?

Buy followers (or tanned / likes) It is nothing more than the name implies: acquiring followers in exchange for a payment. Buying followers can happen in various situations, but it usually means only one thing: illusion. No wonder we call this metric "vanity metrics", because that's exactly what it is - that gives "massaged the ego", showing something that the eyes shine, but it is empty.

best explain: figures draw attention, It is true - especially, since they are the first thing that appears on the social networking profiles. They are important? Sim, but engagement (which is the ratio between comments, Tanned and number of followers) It is what brings the credibility to make the relationship between all the tips of a healthy and sustainable influence marketing action in the long run.

for influencers, buy followers can cause major headaches, as banishment from the social network - the so-calledshadowban -, having to start all the work from scratch. Outside the biggest loss is the loss of credibility, after all no one will want to do business when you have to offer is not real, Is not it?

→ If you have any questions aboutshadowbanWe explained in more detail some of the consequences that Instagram can be applied in accordance with a behavior not recommended on the net.

for brands, buying followers and likes may represent a non-return investment. After all, paid by an engagement that does not exist, by an unreal range, by impressions meaningless. That is, we can say that is the same as paying for wind. Not good, Is not it.

#Midway, I had a stone ...

How the mechanics of it all?

Generally, tanned purchase tools and followers work through hashtags. While some use the famous#like4like e#follow4follow (these are some of the most popular used, but there are many other much more elaborate and perhaps not as well known, but equally harmful), becoming stronger action, others promise to automate the profile an influencer and make it grow in an "organic".

Like every lie, It is difficult to maintain a profile practicing blackhat (as it is called this practice). There are many profiles that have a huge amount of followers and a minimal amount of engagement, making it clear that there is a problem.

As a method of obtaining inorganic results, the numbers themselves end up betraying those who practice. Example: imagine you, as influencer, buy likes / followers. This means that robots are enjoying your photos or doing a void volume.

What this means in practice? many tanned, zero real interaction, and a number of reach and impression that frown. And if you are getting is even worse: think you are talking to an army of robots - that does not make you a real influencer, Is not it?

#The light at the end of the tunnel

Numbers ... and more?

As we mentioned above, the number of followers is only one of several metrics that must be accompanied. Focus your attention only on that can generate a number of consequences, especially if you consider buying followers as a real strategy for your profile.

In short: for influencers, purchase of likes and followers can result in a profile without credibility and prevent a job with brands happen, precisely because the company that is paying for an influence marketing campaign will rely communication to a profile that is not likely to generate results. By brands, understand the importance of a profile with credibility it is essential for the campaigns to be effective and achieve the expected goal.

#And now?

X brand influencers

In the end, the quality of a profile - whether influential or brand - is intrinsically linked to a higher maturity level in relation to the influence of marketing. Something we, as segment, we are gaining through trial and error.

that said, should be sought increasingly understand how these relationships are that such partnerships are not just promising, but also enjoyable and a positive experience for all parties involved.

One of Squid's objectives is precisely to educate the influence of marketing to market to all of these issues are well understood to carry out work with digital influencers.

For example: the alignment of expectations and the previous definition as to the content are key to a successful campaign. You must understand how to use the niche communication in your favor. Which communication, unlike a wide communication and spray, work more closely and network.

Considering the volume of information for which we are daily impacts, We tend to consume more specific content and focused on our interests. Although we recommend that strategies encompass microinfluenciadores, also stress the importance of a well designed campaign, involving many different shapes and understand clearly what the goals and roles of each action within the general plan.

Only then you can have the results drawn from the beginning of the project.

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