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10 October of 2019

Do you remember when the Instagram launched the functionality of stories there 2016? The format that builds upon another rival application, Snapchat, earlier left some users without understanding how it worked, but today is a very popular product, which allows people to show more of his real life in a more casual way.

however, this functionality also generates some doubts, including the influence of marketing market. Therefore, Squid conducted a survey with total focus in this format to understand some trends and behaviors of the public.

The Squid processes over 2 million stories per month. Seeking to better understand audience behavior towards stories, We collect publications in the format throughout the month of July 2019 and we notice some patterns in relation to volume, schedules and engagement of influencers in this format.

The following briefly list some discoveries that everyone who is involved with marketing influence, agent is or influential, need to know

Engagement is not affected by the posting time of the story

The first thing to highlight is that engagement in stories shows no significant differences depending on the time or day of the week post.

This constancy is because the content becomes available for 24 full hours, can generate engagement at any time from this period.

The highest engagement rates are the profiles between 5k and 30k

These smaller profiles recorded an engagement rate 14% greater than profiles that have over 100k followers. The track that records the lowest average rate of engagement is between 60k and 100k followers.

The 2nd and 3rd night have the highest volume of publishing stories

Tuesday gains as the day has more postings stories, followed closely by Monday.

The publication peaks are between 12h and 15h and then, again, from 18h to 21h

The audience watches the most stories from 23h

When many people are already in bed, or getting ready for bed, is the time with the most views on almost every day of the week, especially on Fridays.

Wednesday is the exception, when the peak occurs a few hours earlier views, harder between 19h and 22h.

In a sequence, engagement falls from the 4th story

24% of all stories posted by influencers stories are part of a sequence, having its publication being made right in the earlier then.

Within these sequences, It is registered a decrease in the average rate of engagement until 30% from the fourth story.


Download the full research here!

The information we put above are just a small summary of everything we can collect this research. It was given for real we raised. To check out the complete information with graphics and other insights based on this analysis of trends and behaviors in stories, just access they link.

Through it you have access to a complete report with Soooo more information to better understand the relationship of the public and influencers about this functionality Instagram 🙂


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