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15 August of 2019

Squid gathered over 180 people at an event with panels and lectures to discuss the marketing influence and power of creators

On the last day 7 of August, happened #POWERTOTHEPEOPLE Influence Talks, an event to connect people and share relevant content on the marketing influence and discuss how the power that the influencers have to stick bubbles and have a large impact.

Organized by Squid, the event brought together over 180 people among representatives of agencies, brands and influencers, with several lectures and panels along one afternoon, getting on stage names respected by marketing and communication market.

The first lecture was the Egnalda Cortes, founder of Cortes Advisory and Agency, who spoke connecting purpose and positive impact through marketing and we can all make a difference and to humanize the market when everyone understands their role, their own story, and the importance of it.

Egnalda Cortes

During the event also took place some kuchas pecha, one lecture format you need to have exactly 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Jef Martins, da Y&R, discussed how diversity, including the workspaces, It is an opportunity for a market deconstruction, it is important to value the achievements of people nonstandard, in addition to not be silent when witnessing a case of discrimination.

Ira Morato, Point G, He presented the movement #MulheresPodcasters, to encourage the presence of women in the media podcast. After all, there are women talking about everything and we need to hear them. Not to mention that, recently, podcasts have registered much higher engagement numbers and with more depth.

Already Beatriz Machado, Unilever, He brought the challenge of what is its purpose and how it aligns to brands? Thereby, she showed that personal branding, the management of personal brand, it's very important, but also requires reflection exercises, practices and strategy creation.

We also received the influential Isa Meirelles, who wanted to know what people have done with their power of influence. The creator stressed that it is necessary to use your voice to inform and breaking bubbles, and a great exercise to do is follow people who are out of your bubble.

The influential Isa Meirelles

Also rolled a debate that placed side by side agency, Advertiser and influencers. Participated in this chat Ana Gama, Supervisor Free Market Marketing, Raphael Pavan, Leader of Creative Data in SOKO agency, and the creators André Pilli and Caio Braz.

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Much has been discussed and here are some of the main ideas raised. The first point is that it is important to use the creator as a specialist in content, and understand that it is necessary to look less at the metrics and more at the profiles of each “@”, because the strategic influencer is what also consumes your brand.

Use the influencer aligned with the brand makes the campaign not only more tangible as open space for co-creation, what, for their time, makes the most credible and strategic content. So it is important that brands are more open to meeting more people to stick their own bubbles, rescuing a topic discussed at the event.

Debate between Ana Gama, Raphael Pavan, André Pilli and Caio Braz, Isa mediated Ventura, CEO Squid

The next to take the stage was Bia Granja, do Youpix, to talk about the future of marketing influence and what their challenges and opportunities. Bia reminded everyone that influence marketing is not celebrity marketing. After all, influence is the ability to move a message, and this is not something exclusive to celebrities, or until these are the specialists.

The influence is formed by connecting and closeness, It includes an alignment of values ​​and a conversation within a community. Therefore, content and content producers have more power to influence, primarily within the internet, a fragmented environment that amplifies, brings scale and connects niches.

Bia Granja

Nayara Ruiz, Manager of Social Networks Bradesco, He talked about diversity and community building. It reinforced the idea that we need to empathize, generate more conversations and allow yourself to hear more voices to come out of your bubble (she looks here again) and thus learn more stories, more views that present new perspectives, that transform how we see the world and even create more confidence.

One of the cases she presented was a Bradesco campaign, call #AliadosPeloRespeito gives you giving play below:

To finish, Make room for those who wanted to take the stage to discuss and talk about the influence of market. We had several people taking turns in space and managed to take some good insights, which are listed below:

  • Brands are doing actions that correct crises, but that does not change the story.
  • When an advertising piece or campaign generates negative repercussions, means that within the agency had no representation.
  • Companies are spending millions of dollars to fraud purchase, that is, with profiles that buy likes, followers and engagement, high metric entregamento, but false results and unproductive.
  • Strategies are being built by people who are not really consuming the influence market.
  • Increasingly, processes will be automated, which means that the relationship skills will become the great ability to be explored.
  • One must be careful with the pink / black money, but also obligation and mission of companies talk and put on diversity and inclusion campaigns.
  • Change only happens when it comes from the top down. Companies have no idea of ​​emotional distress that people have to get to swim against the tide.

Ufa, It was quite something to discuss, share and reflect, and love to get all the people who attended our first major event.

Below you can see a few statements from some of the speakers at the Influence Talks:

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