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16 March of 2018

Instagram Stories is a tool that is increasingly being used. Since it was launched, in August 2016, the feature won fans and hit the mark 300 million active users in just one year after its first appearance. Not for nothing, Facebook recently announced some changes to its algorithm to 2018, and can bring even more relevant to the tool.

In this sense, monitoring Stories became important tool to measure the return that its use can bring to campaigns. And that's what we'll talk in the next lines.

#But before, a brief introduction

Facebook vs. snapchat

To understand a little about how Instagram came Stories, let's go back in time. After trying to buy Snap Inc., company holding the Snapchat, for US $ 3 billion (and be rejected), Facebook decided to seek solutions to circumvent competition.

Thereby, created two distinct applications that have the same purpose: O Poke it's the Slingshot. The proposals, although very similar to the Snapchat, not just revenge and attracting large audiences, since their use was not as intuitive as the competitor.

After much hit the same button and see the number of users of Snap Inc. grow dramatically, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, He decided to incorporate this same functionality on the platform, thus creating the Instagram Stories. functionality, extremely similar to the Snapchat, with the same ephemeral messages, further boosted the growth of platform - Instagram reached 700 million active users per month in 2017. however, despite similar, The Stories has its own peculiarities, we will see continue.

#How it works?

Some of the technical part

Unlike traditional publications on Instagram, which remain in the feed indefinitely, the Stories has a very particular intention: the possible moments of sharing (or stories) short and that appear highlighted to the followers of a particular profile.

In general, publications in the format Stories have similar length to the Snapchat rival, only 24 hours old. However, Stories Instagram also allows the creation of top stories, which are chosen by the users and are fixed in the profile, as traditional publications.

As in common feed, Instagram Stories allows the placement of photos and videos, a maximum of 15 seconds. One of the main differences between ordinary photos and posts on Instagram Stories is that the latter have a greater possibility of editing, as visual effects can be added, filters (which are also present in fixed publications), stickers, texts, among others.

O uso do Stories, therefore, possibility, easily and visually attractive, users to show for his followers facts of everyday life and coverage of live events (there is, inclusive, the possibility of transmission in real time, also known as livestreams).

With all these features, and the construction of such a robust mechanism, the Stories became the darling of users of social networks, Snapchat supplanting (Finally, para Mark Zuckerberg). E, like this, Facebook has made available metrics specific to the tool, making room for a new form of business.

#Metrificando the Stories

The secrets to success

It's no secret that the results obtained through social networks, as well as any marketing action (including the influence marketing), They need to be metrical. Taking advantage of numbers and KPIs (key performance indicator, or performance indicators) specific, You can measure the return earned on certain investment (KING), among other indicators.

Instagram, which already had the metrics for static publications in feed, He began to offer, in 2017, data also for Instagram Stories. Among the metrics available for users who have accounts with commercial profile (also known as business) They are:

  • Reach - is the amount of people who have seen the publication;
  • Impressions - is how many times the publication was viewed;
  • Answers - represents the number of responses that the profile has received that particular publication;
  • Outputs - is the amount of rejections content, or how many people gave up to continue the publication in question.

#Surfing the influence of marketing

Metrificando digital influencers

At the same time that social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube e Instagram) attracted users and advertisers, the Internet and the enormous amount of people browsing and provided a new effect, hitherto single, which consisted of ordinary people have gained prominence and voice of authority - and which are now recognized as digital influencers. In this sense, Advertisers started to see a new way to convey their messages and content, using these same influencers.

But, metrificar as the results of actions by third parties when aired, no case, digital influencers? The measurement results of influence marketing actions, though simple, It's not that easy.

When we are dealing with specific actions with web celebrities and few publications, obtaining the results is fairly simple: commonly |, yields the influencer metrics to the advertiser. however, thinking of microinfluenciadores, Imagine the following scenario: an action with 10 profiles, each publishing 2 fixed content in the feed and 1 no Stories.

The result is that, even if the publications are open to the entire public, the advertiser will need to collect and update one by one, in addition to having to ask for influencers cede metrics Stories of personal profiles of each. there complicated, of course?

With this in mind, Squid has developed a technology that makes automatic capture of all of these numbers: amount of content, scope, impressions and engagement rate, both posts as the stories. In addition to facilitating the work in data collection, We provide content generated during the campaign, if the customer's interest to use it in their networks - both individually and collectively.

Monitoring of metrics for all the profiles that were selected to participate in the campaign
Monitoring of metrics and content generated by each profile, individually

For marketing actions, of all kinds, shapes and vehicles, It is essential to have on the horizon that the only way to measure the return on investment is through numbers and data. Be in investment in SEO, in paid media or digital influencers, metrics are always allied advertisers.

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