Marketing influence: how to be assertive in choosing the influencer

15 the January, the 2020

The best way to do good choices is setting clear and objective criteria. Here's how to be assertive in selecting the influencer

When we talk about influence marketing, the amount of choices we have to do is huge. To ensure that decisions are assertive, We need to be well grounded in objective criteria, clear and previously designed, away from the heat of the moment. Therefore, We gather here some of these criteria and why they should be used in the influence marketing.

Your community size

This criterion is important because we can analyze part of the persuasive power of influencer, its ability to engage followers and make it grow.

Large audiences or communities indicate good ability to deal with them. If the influencer was able to gather a good number of listeners, he probably also can direct them in the chosen themes.

Look carefully at the community size of potential influencers of their strategy, so the results may be more satisfactory.


Although extremely important, the size of the community is not the only thing to note when choosing an influencer for the campaign. It is necessary that this person is authority on the subject, with positive results from their experiences.

Not enough to have many followers, one must know the subject, knowing deliver it satisfactorily and clearly, generating good fruit.

This authority is demonstrated in practice, with trial and recognition of others in the same area. It is critical to ensure that the public trust in what is being said by the influencer and really consider your opinion when making a decision.

Therefore, consider the level of authority and recognition of the creator, this will facilitate the proper functioning of the campaign and will yield better results.

Form of communication

Probably the least obvious criterion, but very important. The evaluation of the form of communication is essential to choose an influencer for your campaign. There is various types of communicators and strategies that can be adopted, so it is necessary that the form used by the influencer is in line with the brand.

To define the best approach, know, first, as the audience prefers to relate. It is more informal and fun or formal and objective? Study whom we want to achieve is key to creating an effective communication.

The marketing influence is based especially in the form of communication and relationship between creators and public content. Therefore, pay special attention to this topic can help the whole strategy to take a major step toward success.

public engagement

Too much of a good influencer comes from its ability to engage. What does that mean? He can establish a meaningful exchange with the public, creating a constant conversation with your community. This facilitates the way for the results to come in a marketing campaign for both sides.

The creator provides quality information to your audience and this, in exchange, It helps expand the scope of influencer, both with more followers as monetary form.

The conversation between the public figure and his community is one of the bases influence marketing - if not the main. It is through it that people leave a creator interfere in their decision making about various subjects, including shopping.

The engagement can be measured by comments, reactions and all kinds of interaction between the two sides of the conversation and serves as a great thermometer on the power of influence of the analyzed content creator.

Taking into account the criteria noted above, choosing the ideal influencer for business is easier, and enable greater quality and assertiveness.

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