What influencer profile ideal for promoting your business?

8 the January, the 2020

Knowing how to choose the influencer for the dissemination of the brand can be crucial to the growth of the same. On here, let's evaluate some influencers profiles to choose what suits each type of business.

Considering its defined goals, you can choose which influencer profile combines more with the established objective.

currently, most business use influence marketing to strengthen its dissemination strategy. This form of advertising is becoming increasingly common, although few actually know how to use it. Choosing an influencer that is suitable for brand, to converse well with the public and that can generate positive results can be complex. Therefore, we will give some tips on how to choose the ideal profile influencer and reap the fruits of this partnership.

OBJECTIVES always set!

Before starting a job with the influence of marketing, it is necessary to bear in mind that the main objective we want to achieve with this strategy. Clearly defining the short and long term goals helps you decide what are the actions needed to get there.

Considering their previously set goals, you can choose which influencer profile combines more with the established objective.

With which audience you want to talk?

The second step is to understand clearly who is the target audience, people who may become customers, that they have the potential to acquire goods and services.

It is important to set the tone with the "potential customers", to increase the range of the brand and create a sustainable and solid growth.

To follow, let's look some profiles already consolidated in the market and can expand - and - a business presence in your niche, engaging the existing customers and facilitating the acquisition of new:

Celebrity: this profile stands out for being a person known in the media. She has a great ability to influence the decisions of the people, somehow, They can see a celebrity as a model to follow. Thus, the audience is already built and, for sure, help in promoting products / services more broadly.

Journalist: usually have a base of regular followers, that you agree with their views and admire the work done by him. Like this, when they move their ability to influence, usually strong and effective with your audience.

Authority: probably is the profile most wanted and the most difficult to find. However, the authority has a great ability to convince by their high property on the specific issue, which increases the degree of credibility has chosen within the niche.

Microinfluenciador: this profile may be the least obvious, but, also, can generate better organic results. The microinfluenciadores They work with their niches, then create a partnership with them means a shorter range, But much more effective. The microinfluenciadores have a captive audience, because they work with specific products and services, which strengthens its influence on the public.

Considering the marketing objectives, the strategies used and the influencers profiles that already exist, it becomes easier to choose which one is most suitable for the business and brand awareness. If they still have doubts, You can talk to professionals that can help in choosing the ideal profile.

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