RD Summit: check out what went down at the event

19 The November the 2018

O RD Summit 2018 ended (ahhhh!) and we were there, closely following the whole event. Very awesome content was shared by renowned professionals and representing very well Squid there in Santa Catarina were the Thais Bellotto, our Business Coordinator, and Felipe Oliva, CSO da Squid. They landed in Florianopolis for 3 days of talks, almost 25 hours of content and gave over 33 thousand steps to circulate between the 3 shops, main stage, other two rooms and trade show. Ufa!

The event, bigger niche in the country, It brought together over 12 thousand people and showed it to the public major trends of the digital marketing world. To bring some of what we saw there, we decided to bring our coverage of the event, with lots of information, content and hacks. So, bora there discover the main topics covered?

Customer satisfaction at the heart of your business

His company still beats sales target? Know that this metric may be outdated and, possibly, hurting your business. Of course, every healthy company needs sales and, in theory, sell more brings more results and ensures business profit, of course? According to the renowned Todd Eby (SuccessHACKER), Monica Adractas (Facebook Workplace) and Guilherme Lopes (Digital results), this logic is not so accurate and so simplistic.

Every (incredible) talks revolved around a concept: Customer Success. Have your customer satisfied and generate recurrence for the purchase of your product or service, to long term, It is more beneficial to your business than trying to sell a product to someone who does not want or do not need it. When you sell to the customer 'wrong' (and wrong understand someone with low chance of success when using what your business offers), you do not just throw away your lead, but also the time of its employees, destroys the relationship with the customer and, possibly, turns it into a detractor that will (believe, he goes!) speaking ill of your business and hinder future sales.


Trace "great profiles" for your company based on recurrence and churn (a metric that indicates how much his company lost revenue or customers). Study your own business and map which are customer profiles that have the possibility to get success with your products and services. Exceptions always exist, but invest your time and focus on those that have the greatest chance of getting good results, become repeat customers and amplifiers of your business!

Listen more and evolve

Piecefeedbacks! There are many ways to get to listen to your customer: by email, by phone, NPS research ... Understand your business and how best to address their clients to just bother them, but be straight to the point, is open to hearing criticism, absorb the important information and make any necessary changes. Ah! Do not forget to listen to your employees. Who passes the name of your company forward has a lot to say about the environment and possible improvements. Learn to listen and grow exponentially!


Did you know that the NPS survey takes less than 1 minute to be answered and can be a kind of "thermometer" for your company? Here in Squid we use and we strongly recommend adopting this practice.

Tip good we share

The statement has been marketing a large balcony to increase the number of leads. You already use this type of intervention? It can be anything from a very simple practice to something quite sophisticated, it's up to you to understand what the needs and expectations of its customers to create their own mechanics.

The idea is to use your network connections and satisfied customers to show your product or service to friends. Like this, they receive some sort of participation by that statement (It can be a portion of the contract value, if the referred friend hire their services. Money, discounts and rewards are generally more efficient when dealing with products).

The advantage of this strategy is that you invest little and have a very organic return, authentic and sincere. Satisfied customers tend to indicate products or services to friends and, if you encourage them in the right way, topple the chances of good sales are even higher.


Start your marketing indication always by customers who are happy with the results achieved through its product or service. These are the best people to spread what you have done good.

Is in constant motion

Reinvent and innovate words were widely used throughout the event. The secret of the big companies and billionaire was not accommodate. In his speech to nearly 3 thousand people, Roni Cunha (organic) He divided the successful strategy of Netshoes, where he worked for many years and had the challenge of turning it into a business success and exponential growth.

The idea is: change it. Understand the pain of the current market. Work to alleviate some of these pains with your product or service. Improve and enhance its business model. Once it is profitable, fluid and running smoothly, CHANGE IT! It reinvents! Now you're ready to grow again, in a short period of time, reaching the famous and dreamed "exponential growth".


To find the correct model, companies often engage in it and grow with it, but such an increase tends to become stable. Evaluate revenue growth in your company. Understand what time of evolution you are. If your business is stagnant for some time, rethink some concepts. Maybe it's time to turn some pillars and expand services, for example, taking advantage of the lever to relaunch the market.

Do it now!

The big question most entrepreneurs is "when to start? When should I invest and put my business in the street?”. For the renowned economist Ricardo Amorim, the market is optimistic about the country's stability, which brings a scenario conducive to investments reflected in job creation, income and entrepreneurship. In a simplified form, the market behaves like "waves". The rise there - and the fall of the indicators also. This is the natural cycle of the economy.

Usually, we need to realize an absolutely safe scenario before risking an investment and, thereby, we lose the opportunity to ride the wave of economic growth, leaving invest only at the apex of that wave. What happens next is the fall of economic indicators and bankruptcies occur during this period. Therefore, economist Ricardo Amorim is the board: do it now.


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