YoupixCon 2018: check out what went down at the event

5 October of 2018

On Monday we were for the second time in YouPix Con, one of Brazil's biggest events on the world of creators. In addition to arrange presence with our stand (what, Modesty aside, it was lindão), this time also participated as speakers! A Isa Ventura, our CEO, mediated panel: "Influencer: how to deal?”.

Beyond the 4 usual stages of the event - Keynote Stage, How To Stage, Creator Talks e ViU HUB, this year the structure also had the Business Track: a split trail 2 rooms focused on education and business opportunities, com Workshops, Collective mentoring and Speed ​​Dating with brands.

Providing a great integration between creators and brands, stimulating fundamental reflections to influence segment and bringing new concepts on how to make high-quality content, the YouPix Con ended awakening various insights. E, I am thinking of taking this debate forward and to continue these conversations as important, we rely on some of the panels that follow there! Look that:

influencer: how to deal? (Isa Ventura, Eduardo Zanelato, Mayumi Sato and Rodrigo Soriano)

The panel mediated Isa Ventura, our CEO and co-founder of TEAR, reflections up with three other key professionals in the industry influence: Eduardo Zanelato, director of new business and culture Mutato; Mayumi Sato, director of marketing Sexlog; and Rodrigo Soriano, CEO to Airfluencers.

The conversation ran citing relevant points on the main challenges in the production of content, as the scarcity of different shapes and creative; the volume of profiles that talk about the same issues with extremely similar perspectives and how digital creators and influencers increasingly need to seek new business models, platforms and channels - as traditional are in check this time.

The panel also stressed the importance of professionalizing the creator, it should at the mark which understand the objectives and their role in the campaign strategy for, thus, the expected results are achieved by the parties involved.

Speaking about results and bringing to the scene of the sex industry, which is inserted the Sexlog, Mayumi Sato pointed out how much still meet resistance in work with influencers in the industry - especially the adopted by market value judgment and the resistance of the public itself that affects the way performance and results are recorded and measured. She commented on how disturbing and question what is socially considered as "morals and good customs" can be delicate.

Finalizing a table, Isa encouraged participants to talk a bit about the future of marketing influence. In this sense, the power of human vulnerability was true consensus: may arise technologies to facilitate the routines and the way things are done, but the human side remains with invaluable.

I cocielo, crisis and influence: what to do when everything goes wrong? (Pedro Tourinho)

Pedro Tourinho is a founding partner of Soko, PR agency and earned average, and MAP Brazil, one of the main artistic agency offices in the country. His panel focused strategies and tactics that should be adopted when a brand - be it digital or retail influencer - is facing an image crisis.

More practical focus, Tourinho said fundamental processes for resolving crises such as:

  • Once it is identified, It should freeze the communication channels involved;
  • Do not publish, do not enjoy, not interact as a response is not prepared;
  • He explained the importance of stopping for a moment, understand the scenario and the complete situation and then line up a crisis plan and make strategic statements to avoid new problems;
  • E, Clear, all with agility, after all, the longer the rolling crisis, the consequences may be larger;
  • Do not lie seems like an obvious suggestion, but very important. The brand positioning should always be in accordance with principles and search for transparency;
  • Another tip is to take the opportunity to invest in relations with the public already fidelizado brand, since there will always be haters. Thus, it is possible to use the same hearing, making it work in favor of the brand;
  • Exposing the change in attitude and explain the next steps is also important to prevent other questions from the audience arise.

From the perspective of creators, He was spoken much of the collection for celebrities (native digital or not) are positioned in front of controversies, He tourinho but stressed the importance of the work that exists prior to this: responsibility is to create content that reaches so many people. What is your truth? Create your content always aligned to it.

Porn sexual empowerment web (Carol Albuquerque, May Medeiros, Lud Lower, Stock Mariana and Camila Cornelsen)

Being an event created by several recognized women with a strong sense of community, the YouPix Con was willing to bring issues often not considered in the schedules of other digital content and marketing events. Talk about issues that need to be spoken and do not always have space, perceptivelmente, It was one of the objectives pursued by the organization, without concerns "put on the wheel". After all, We need to give voice to women. Thus, the panel"From porn to sexual empowerment web" brought 5 industry women to talk about the main challenges they encounter in their journey in the market.

The panel presented by Hysteria, creative hub led by women within the Conspiracy, He commented on censorship and empowerment. The talk was attended by Carol Albuquerque, creative director of Hysteria; May Medeiros, director of adult films in Link 18+ - and organizer of the Festival PopPorn; Lud Lower, photographer and creator of My Boy Toys, first sexy photo project and naked male aimed at female audience; Mariana Stock, founder of Prazerela, platform that supports women to empoderarem the way of pleasure; and Camila Cornelsen, multimedia artist who works with photography, cinema, music and art in XReal and Solar Room.

participating, in a debate on censorship and sexism, They told how much people on social networks still not dealing with the female nude - something that is extremely sexualized and, therefore, censored network. Oftentimes, the contents are banned for nudist reports even when the nude is clearly artistic. Such situations end up negatively impacting the reported profiles, which have a constant brand building and contents and end up losing engagement in networks due to unnecessary measures, sometimes motivated by haters. Is that you, considers the body and women's sexuality taboo?

Much of what happens in this context, the table stressed, is due to the patriarchal culture in which we live, where the very social networks - because they are controlled by people - reproduce behavioral patterns. however, questions the role of networks in this scenario, after all, the contribution of these platforms could be quite positive in the naturalization of the body and of our relationship with him. The insight which is to reflect on what the limit of what is allowed or not on the network, understanding the importance of freedom of expression and profiles that talk about poorly spoken affairs.

Creators Talks: Alison Medeiros, I Never Ask of You Nothing

The Creator Talks is a more relaxed space YouPix Con, dedicated to content creators contains on their journeys in the digital universe influence. nice opportunity for those who have always been curious to know all about our favorite creators! The Alison Medeiros was one of the influential calls for this issue and told a little about the history of it, that unlike most people who work in the area, It began much later, when she was already more or less 30 years.

This is important because your age group directly influences the public that consumes their content. She said that the first time I felt that was impacting people when a follower explained that he had a profession, but I did not know if it was exactly what she wanted to do in life. But, watching videos of Maíra, I was convinced that it could be anything after 30, because he understood the power that came with maturity.

Understanding how this impact affects the lives of his followers was a very important moment for Alison and, probably, for many digital influencers. After all, responsibility for his speeches is intrinsic to the power of influence. Is that you, it's creator, It was when he felt that his work really influenced people and behaviors?

O Social Cycle: why think the essence is to think of the future of business (Nay Ruiz and Marcelo Salgado)

The presentation was led by Nay Ruiz, digital manager, and Marcelo Salgado, Communications Manager, both the bradesco. They told their trajectory in the search for make communication a bank (such a traditional institution) in the digital era. E, for this, they explained how to set up what they call social cycle, and why this is a key factor for success.

Previously, when Bradesco began work focusing on content for social networks, they worked in the digital merely as a sac 2.0. It was time to evolve and, to start this digital transformation, they first had to listen carefully. Listen to what your customers have to say, what consumers liked and interested. E, thereafter, create a virtuous cycle of active exchange.

Zoom this exercise in October, they came out a fresh strategy and established the matrix, today, governs the entire area: relationship + content + co-creation + data and analysis.

The idea of ​​this formula is, first, conversations create networks and establish strong connections with people, because that is what will generate business. In this dynamic networks, You can understand what people are saying and join the conversation - and this, in the last instance, builds trust, which is the element that governs all database communication. Trust empowers, generates power and influence. And this exchange between them and the audience also enables co-creation.

The metaphor they used to describe this relationship 2.0 It was the difference between graphite and diamond: both are composed of the same element, carbon, but first they connect separately, while in the second, they bind in such a way that results in something incredible, like diamond.

→ A human communication is that Bradesco sought when he wanted to use the influence of marketing to your advantage. The result you can check here

Life fragmented Stories (Caio Braz, Maju Trinity, Rosana Hermann and Taina Saramago)

In June this year, Facebook announced the number of active users of your tool Stories: 400 millions. The amount impresses, but what really keeps this feature something so widely used? According to the journalist and presenter of the GNT Caio Braz, the Maju Trinity model, screenwriter and writer Rosana Hermann, Audience coordinator and Development saw HUB Tainá Saramago, there are some points that make interesting tool.

One of the most important is the real time. Rosana said that is not today's reality shows that are successful and, basically, the Stories is like a program that style, but with the digital format. Maju complemented this thought stating that, until today, the Stories she did that registered greatest success was when she showed up crying because of a movie he had seen. The fact that the tool allow this proximity, to share the life of people without filters is what attracts the audience - it's not like on YouTube, for example, it needs time to establish a connection and create a community.

Braz, in its turn, He took advantage of the launch of IGTV to have your talk show Live via Instagram. Called X or the Nine, every night he gets special guests, proving that live, unedited, It gives too sure on the Internet.

Despite the authenticity that provides real time, Rosana also stresses the need to understand the Stories, at the same time it allows to show life without filters, It is only a fragment of what it's for real. People, for more authentic they are there, They are still showing only what they want others to see. And then let the questioning: how we let social networks costumer our decisions?

How far you go by audience? (William Melles, Fabiana Gabriel and Lucas Melo)

Create content for digital and influence people also takes the burden of responsibility of the themes shared with the world - especially if the channel in question is a medium that has come up with a clear purpose and is used as a tool to break paradigms and position openly about issues social.

But when the content channels are used as a tool to generate social criticism, how far to go to generate audience? And when the goal is entertainment, but if you want to enter sensitive guidelines, how to do this in the best way? These were some of the topics covered by the speakers William Melles, community manager of Breaking the Taboo; Fabiana Gabriel, digital manager GNT; No e Mohamad, creator and host of the GNT.

The tip is: test content, in order to understand the reactions that the public may have. And also understand your position and the message you want to pass: there are people offended by what you published? So, worth reviewing content. And always measure their responsibility under the influence, after all, we are talking about people.


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