Infographic: saúde mental nas redes sociais

Vamos falar sobre saúde mental nas redes sociais? Perguntamos para os influenciadores o que eles pensam sobre ansiedade, haters e o impacto das redes sociais na saúde mental. O resultado da pesquisa você confere neste infográfico A internet criou um novo jeito de comunicação, de consumo de conteúdo e de relacionamentos. Diversos estudos ~nacionais e […]


Optimizing the content of your brand across social networks

Knowing where the audience of each social network and how best to access it can be crucial to the growth of who is using the influence of marketing. Confira quais são os melhores conteúdos para compartilhar nas principais redes sociais Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… With so many social networks out there, you […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Carnival 2020: influencers reveal key trends and insights

Want to stay on top of the big bets of content creators for Carnival? A survey conducted by Squid reveals trends and insights that you should keep an eye. check out! Drink the years, outlined colorful, glitter green ... Every year, Carnival presents several consumer trends. Is at 2020 is no different! in research, […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Carnival 2020: the songs and singers ranging pumping, second influencers

We asked what will be influencers, in their view, the big hits of the next Carnival. Check out the top 10 music, artists and genres: We are counting down to the # Carnaval2020. Between a tutorial and make a costume idea, We asked the influencers registered in our database which will be the big hits of the famous […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

How to measure the results of a campaign with influencers

The influence of marketing market grows every year. But, how to know if the campaigns are really working? On here, we reveal tactics to unite technology and expertise in their actions After much review - and see competitors doing action with influencers, you are convinced that the influence of marketing is important […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Meet Cacai Bauer, the first youtuber with Down syndrome Brazil

Pioneer YouTube, she conquered his audience with humor and authenticity. Learn the history of Cacai Bauer, a young man with Down syndrome who revolutionized social networks: Bahia Natural, Cacai Bauer is pure spontaneity. In 2016, with a family push, she began her work as a digital influencer and consolidated […]