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Understand how to use hashtags on Instagram to enhance its content

Hashtags are an incredible tool for some activities on the Internet, but many people still do not understand how should use them - especially for Instagram. Hashtags are true Tags to classify content, a keyword that makes it easily identifiable given subject. Therefore, the more specific a hashtag for, less the subject of volume you will probably find it. Because of this, a escolha das hashtags mais adequadas é algo essencial para garantir que

Pedro Berbes

9 tricks to take good pictures on Instagram

In addition to all the information you need to think when creating content, as the caption and the public for which it is intended, the image of your publication is one of the most important points - especially if we are talking about Instagram, which is a very visual social network. Ter boas imagens é o primeiro fator a chamar a atenção dos usuários e as imagens são também

Pedro Berbes

Understand metrics to manage social networks

Here in Squid always joke that every influencer just becoming a little advertising, a little "marketer". This is because there are several important concepts of communication that end up serving as the basis of a job well done for brand management, be it personal (its own channel or profile), is the brand for which you perform an action. Having that in mind, as métricas das redes sociais são um ponto muito

Pedro Berbes

How it works and how to escape the ambush marketing

All the world (and Brazilian mainly) you know: to each 4 years happens the World Cup and, how could it not be unusual for a mega event, It arises also a number of actions involving the theme. While some brands speak directly Cup, others use the passion for football, the green and yellow and the universe to enter this festive date and score your marketing action. however,…

Pedro Berbes

Working with brands an opportunity dates (as the World Cup)

The holidays are a great opportunity for large and small brands and activation, therefore, is a time when demand turns enough for digital influencers - amplifiers true of what we call earned average. You, as influencer, has the potential to contribute greatly to the purpose and message of a particular brand with which you are working is disseminated and understood by the audience - and his,…

Pedro Berbes

Creating a campaign with influencers

The process of creating a marketing campaign with influencers begins long before the recruitment alone. Understanding how the action will be executed, with what types and influencers niches and what the campaign goals are primary and fundamental steps. Despite the influence of marketing is just one of many strategies out there, planning is as or more important, já que inclui tanto execução