Pedro Berbes

Instagram Stories: meet our monitoring tools

Instagram Stories is a tool that is increasingly being used. Since it was launched, in August 2016, the feature won fans and hit the mark 300 million active users in just one year after its first appearance. Not for nothing, Facebook recently announced some changes to its algorithm to 2018, and can bring even more relevant to the tool. In this sense, O…

Pedro Berbes

Why work with influencers impacts how your brand is seen

It is no secret, nor is the potential that new digital influencers have about the impact they can have on your audience. It is also no secret that good care is essential to retain and attract new customers. Even with these two certainties, many companies put aside and end up not exploiting the opportunity that the combination and influencers (good) customer service can mean for brands.   #Product…

Pedro Berbes

The best of SXSW: see what went down in the early days of the event

This week, Austin - Texas (USA), acontece o South by Southwest, better known as SXSW, one of the largest and most important business events, trends and technology in the world. The Squid is there, a presence, and in the coming days we will share the most interesting insights that we can absorb these 10 full days of content.   #The technology for the sake of a greater good Do More. Do Things That…

Pedro Berbes

5 tips to have a complete profile on Facebook

Have a Facebook profile can be something simple. But, if you are digital influencer (also known as digital influencer, from English), You need to see if really the social network makes sense for you. After all, not just because the platform is the most popular on the planet (having about 139 million users only in Brazil, which ranks as the third most in the category of active members…

Pedro Berbes

Women's Day and the representativeness of influence on marketing

Special International Women's Day: talk straight with influencers and behind the scenes of the digital world this International Women's Day we wanted to do differently. We will not celebrate, but raise questions that are relevant to our present context. We want to generate ideas and understand what the importance of women's representation in the influence marketing. For this, we decided to talk about female empowerment in contemporary, as well as the prejudice that can…

Pedro Berbes

Marketing influence: Influencers know the profiles and find out what fits best in your strategy

The digital influencer term, or digital influence, gained strength in recent times, especially from 2016, when the Oxford Dictionary (one of the world's most important and often used as a reference when the debate in question is "exists or does not exist") official the term "youtuber" on your pages. nevertheless, digital influencer is much more than the word youtuber alone can define. They can receive…