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account Business: step by step to claiming your Facebook page

How to claim a Facebook page? Hello, okay? Well-vindx our tutorial. We want to help you link your Facebook page to your Business account on Instagram. #Why is it important you should know that Facebook made some changes in your Instagram API. Isso significa que tivemos que fazer algumas adaptações e é por isso que precisamos que a sua conta Business no Insta esteja vinculada com

Pedro Berbes

Starter Pack: the complete guide to the creator of beginner content

Since the beginning of the year we produce several basic content about points of attention that every creator must keep in mind from the moment you pass the greater impact with your audience. This is a strategic moment a real key turning happens: you begin to understand that content production is no longer a simple hobby and, sim, a professional performance opportunity….

Pedro Berbes

Audience credibility: vale a pena buy followers?

"Increase the credibility of your profile", "Broaden its audience", "Be famous". These are calls that usually appear when the Google search is linked to the purchase of followers, a practice that was very common in recent times as the so-called digital influencers gained strength and in the mainstream media spotlight. But what it can bring impact to the whole chair of influence marketing? Em um primeiro

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3 hints of what NOT to do on Instagram

Often we create articles that seek to help digital influencers to achieve quality content, strengthening their networks and monetizing their channels. However, It is not only the content that should be well produced: their behavioral strategy should also be very well thought out, after all, social networks end up having a "code of conduct" that needs to be followed so that the content performe as expected. Tal Código de Conduta que

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Understand how to use hashtags on Instagram to enhance its content

Hashtags are an incredible tool for some activities on the Internet, but many people still do not understand how should use them - especially for Instagram. Hashtags are true Tags to classify content, a keyword that makes it easily identifiable given subject. Therefore, the more specific a hashtag for, less the subject of volume you will probably find it. Because of this, a escolha das hashtags mais adequadas é algo essencial para garantir que

Pedro Berbes

9 tricks to take good pictures on Instagram

In addition to all the information you need to think when creating content, as the caption and the public for which it is intended, the image of your publication is one of the most important points - especially if we are talking about Instagram, which is a very visual social network. Ter boas imagens é o primeiro fator a chamar a atenção dos usuários e as imagens são também