5 simple techniques to produce quality videos

Equipment, softwares, many editing programs. Sometimes, produce videos with good quality can seem like a daunting task, but come prove otherwise. Check out tips to produce good videos and raze the next content to be an influencer that really stands out, We need to produce good content. E, talking in videos,  quality is virtually indispensable. […]


What kind of content creator is you?

We have put together the types of content creators more common and their characteristics. See what they, its main features and find out with which you most closely to a production of content with high quality, digital influencers must have a keen self, to make clear the characteristics that should be explored and the points […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Ketly Vieira: accessible travel, positivity and supervision for good

Through social networks, Ketly Vieira understood how he could help others to leave home with more security and tranquility. Learn the history of the main wheelchair influential of Brazil! to complete 14 years, Ketly Vieira (@ ketly.vieira) lived the routine of a teenager São Paulo: attending school, made course model and dug tours […]


digital influencer: 3 tactics to stand out on Instagram

Not all selfies for those who want to be digital influencer in the world of Instagram. Check here what should be done to highlight Contrary to what most people think, be a digital influencer is much more than just post selfies on Instagram. It takes discipline, dedication and hard work to excel […]


Marketing influence: how to be assertive in choosing the influencer

The best way to do good choices is setting clear and objective criteria. Here's how to be assertive in selecting the influencer When we speak of influence marketing, the amount of choices we have to do is huge. To ensure that decisions are assertive, We need to be well grounded in […]


How to create a marketing plan using the marketing influence?

Check out some practical steps for creating a marketing plan using mainly the influence of marketing businesses are like people: each has a way, one function own way, goals and different ways. However, it also happens to people, in business for processes that establish a pattern that works great […]