Marketing influence: Discover how to optimize your campaigns with this strategy

Learn more about partnerships between content creators and brands and adapt to new forms of disclosure When we create marketing strategies, we need to study what are the best ways to optimize the campaign, to talk to the audience to which we want to approach, how to present our products and see which are the main […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Black conscience day: how social networks help extend voices and increase the representativeness

On the day we remember and pay homage to zombie, leader of the Palmares, assassinated in 20 November 1695, Squid chatted with black influencers, references in the digital environment and addressing properly the issue of militancy and empowerment, to understand how social networks drive discussions around the […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

The 4 apps influencers more use to edit photos

Regardless of brand, nowadays, most smartphones have great cameras. But, why some photos are incredibly better than others? The answer, for most of them, It is betting on a good image editing application. Cut color correction, small adjustments can make all the difference. For our […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Isa Meirelles: social networking responsibly, purpose and a lot of diversity

Isadora Meirelles (@ isa.meirelles) was a student of Public Affairs and did internship at a big company when he realized he needed to understand more about diversity - even though a disabled person. Isa, as it is known in social networks, It was also diagnosed in childhood with cognitive glaucoma and lost his sight in his left eye for three years […]


Squid Top of Mind 2019: brands and influencers that most inspire content creators

When it comes to producing content and influence people, they are masters. But, who serves as inspiration or what are the brands that many digital influencers wish to work? During the month of July, we conducted a survey with more than 20 thousand registered influencers in Squid, to understand who the people, companies and segments […]

Maria Lucia Zanutto

Manifesto of Squid for the month of Children

In the month of children, Squid offers an important reflection: as children's advertising can impact the lives of small? With little maturity to understand the real purpose of advertising, children feel, oftentimes, frustrated, insatiable and with a huge desire for consumption. Developed a manifesto on the subject. Check the text in […]