Pedro Berbes

[eBook] Macro and microinfluenciador: what is the best for your campaign?

A question we always get here in Squid is: what the best "type" influencer to my strategy? Microinfluenciadores or macroinfluenciadores? And the answer to that question is simple. It depends. Although there is a cake recipe, each type of content creator has a power. While the macro talk to a wide audience, transmitting the message to many people, the micro talk to a small audience and…

Pedro Berbes

As 07 trends for marketing in social networks 2019

If you are in search of the big trends for marketing in social networks 2019, You have come to the right place. From nano to influenicadores micromarcas, joined seven forecasts that will help you understand what the new market opportunities. Check here what paths to make its presence in the digital media increasingly strong and also working with digital influencers. 1. If the Nano influencers…

Pedro Berbes

How to identify fake profiles on Instagram

Today social media is, without a doubt, part of our society. Now one, now another, there will always be a place for people to gather in the digital environment. Because they have a mission to provide users with real experiences and genuine interactions while serving as a means of dissemination and online presence for brands, platforms end up attracting a lot of attention and, consequently, a lot of money. With…

Pedro Berbes

RD Summit: check out what went down at the event

O RD Summit 2018 ended (ahhhh!) and we were there, closely following the whole event. Very awesome content was shared by renowned professionals and representing very well Squid there in Santa Catarina were the Thais Bellotto, our Business Coordinator, and Felipe Oliva, CSO da Squid. They landed in Florianopolis for 3 days of talks, almost 25 horas de conteúdo e deram mais de 33

Pedro Berbes

YoupixCon 2018: check out what went down at the event

On Monday we were for the second time in YouPix Con, one of Brazil's biggest events on the world of creators. In addition to arrange presence with our stand (what, Modesty aside, it was lindão), this time also participated as speakers! A Isa Ventura, our CEO, mediated panel: "Influencer: how to deal?”. Beyond the 4 usual stages of the event - Keynote Stage, How To Stage, Creator Talks e ViU

Pedro Berbes

Digitalks 2018: check out what went down at the event

This year we participated for the second consecutive time the Expo Forum Digitalks, the leading digital business event in Brazil. We divide the space with several companies and follow a few conversations that took place during the two-day meeting. The Digitalks is one event format in which many things happen at the same time. much knowledge, very content, a lot of information, many people and lectures. Acompanhamos alguns debates e compartilhamos aqui os pontos