Pedro Berbes

With YouPix 2017: look what happened at the event

This week rolled YouPix Con 2017! You heard? Or better: you know YouPix? Good, we split. The YouPix is ​​a company that aims to educate and develop the marketing influence and content creation market, focusing on professionalizing creators. They have several initiatives like: exclusive content, researches, courses and, Clear, a big event. This year, the YouPix Con took place on 25 de setembro e

Pedro Berbes

The customer service and the impact of influencers

Although we always talk about influencers and how they impact your brand, It is also important to directly treat the service as their impact can these people and, consequently, your company. Therefore, We invite the Albert Deweik, CEO to NeoAssist, to talk a little influencers respect and care. - That the impact of influencers can mess with your brand image is actually. After all, with a few taps on a screen, qualquer pessoa consegue

Pedro Berbes

5 tips for a good bio on Instagram (and attract followers)

You have entered into a profile of Instagram and thought "Our! Super I identified with that person "and went on to immediately follow it? Yeah, this has also happened to me. Sometimes, a profile has a bio on Instagram so good that you do not even need to look at the photos to see if it is worth following him. But, how that person could write a presentation so? separated 5 dicas para te ajudar a elaborar uma

Pedro Berbes

10 tips to get more followers on Instagram

You want to get more followers on Instagram? That, for right, It is not an easy task - and it is desired by many. Over 700 million active users per month, o Instagram acabou se tornando um ótimo meio de divulgação de conteúdo, networking e uma ferramenta muito poderosa para a criação de audiência para indivíduos e marcas. It is one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, com mais de 60 milhões de imagens sendo compartilhadas e 1,6

Pedro Berbes

The 5 C's of content creation

The year 2016 It was particularly interesting for Instagram. With the strategy of adding new tools to the platform (as Stories, Live and photo album that allows you to add multiple images into a single post), the app was able to win the hearts of users and, consequently, business (they always go after their customers). Thereby, the registered based on the platform increased considerably. Para se ter uma ideia do quanto