Johnnie Walker



In 1908, on the table in a restaurant in Scotland, appeared an icon: o Striding Man. Initially designed on the back of a menu, the symbol represents the image that the brand's creators sought to convey - vigorous walking and striding.

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Symbol of one of the biggest brands in history, a Johnnie Walker, Man makes the Stridinng 110 years now 2018. To celebrate the anniversary symbol, a Diageo, owner of the brand, structured a megacampanha. By taking advantage of online marketing strategies and offline, the Striding Man appeared in several places - from bus stops to social networks.

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+ de 3M
people reached.
+ de 2,3M
+ of 1.000
generated content.

The challenge:

110 years of an icon

To represent a special year, birthday 110 years of the Striding Man wanted to make noise. For this, Diageo has prepared a series of actions with different brands and partners to leverage the date. partnerships, involving brands such as 99 e Spotify, also they encompassed the Squid. During the action the main challenge was to find and recruit the microinfluenciadores that participate in the campaign.

The solution:

Symbolizing influencers and disseminating

Instructed by Diageo, and alluding to the symbol of the anniversary of Johnnie Walker, recrutamos 110 influencers and instructed to create and publish content involving the Striding Man. The action involved a variety of activations: They were created content on the augmented reality application made exclusively because of the Striding Man, on partnerships involving Spotify and 99, about the event that happened on the Spot, here in Sao Paulo, and much more.

The success:

Far beyond the content

The action itself lasted little more than a month. In addition to enviable quality content they were also obtained impressive numbers: more of 2 million people and reached over 3 million impressions. Besides that, They were generated over 1000 content - that is, an average of more than 30 content per day. To finish, It was one of the cases who attended the Digitalks Award (the video that we present is down here ?, just give a look), in the category of best campaigns of the year, a panel which had an influencer, giving his view of the campaign, one representative of the brand and the CEO of Squid.