During the month of October to 99 decided to show it to the company you always saves - not only in individual races on a daily basis. For this, He orchestrated a series of actions involving various partners of different niches: trip, food, fuel, entertainment and technology. tickets have been sold at reasonable 99 real, snacks 9 real and even film (with popcorn and ginger ale) by 99 cents - cheaper than bus fare.

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+ the 6,6m
people reached.
+ de 8,3M
+ of 3,000
generated content.

The challenge:

Show who spoke on economy, spoke 99

The main challenge of Recalculate action, gives 99, was making noise. Much noise. For this, We would need to orchestrate the actions of many content creators, to disclose and amplify each action proposed by 99 during the month of October.

From the point of view operational, We had as main challenge activate simultaneously (the same days) all selected influencers for the campaign. Besides that, From the point of view logistic, to have actions on site (cinema and cafeterias), I would need to distribute and monitor the presence of content creators to each of these places.

The solution:

Influencers, organization and creativity

The solution to make as much noise was to create a campaign with a lot of content creators. altogether, were over two hundred influencers hired to participate in three main actions: Viagem99, ComboWhopper99 and Cinema 99.

The mission of each influencer was, in the days of action, be they online or in a particular place, disclose to their followers as it would be if everything were as economical as a race of 99 - through the stories and fixed content in the profiles on Instagram.

The success:

significant numbers and increased brand exposure

Noise translated into numbers. altogether, more than 3000 created content were seen almost 8,3 millions of times, by 6,6 millions of different people. Placing the tip of the pencil, we could say that more than half of the population of São Paulo (12 millons of citizens) consumed these contents - or simple ones 83 maracanãs crowded.

In addition to these metrics, we can say that the profile of the 99 Instagram has grown over 40% during the action month - and had their growth spurts in the days of activation of the selected microinfluenciadores and recruited by Squid.