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In September, a 99 He launched the campaign Month 9 gives 99 to strengthen its combo of price and quality, establishing partnerships with major brands and offering discount to platform users. The Squid helped improve digital brand presence, in addition to increasing the engagement of consumers in the final stretch of the campaign.

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+ of 6 M
people reached in 6 days
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influencers activated

The challenge:

Create a strategy to generate conversation and expand the engagement of the audience during the activation period.

The solution:

activate 120 influencers and encourage them to create creative content to generate conversations on social networks and, like this, enable the greatest number of people in the end of a campaign which lasted a month straight.

The success:

The contents of the influencers were viewed almost 8 million times and over 6 million accounts were achieved by the posts and stories in the only period 6 days. Content production is also highlighted: 450 extras! "This was a very cool and challenging action, because activated simultaneously 120 influencers. Final figures are incredible, enhancing the impact of these creators in campaigns that seek to amplify the message of a brand. Besides that, content produced in the period were also amazing ", conta Gabriela Stipp, Influencers Specialist da Squid.