No 19 October 1901, around the Eiffel Tower, Alberto Santos Dumont gave the first round of the story in a means of transport that hovered. Because of this, in honor of such a feat, commemorates the day 19 October the Innovation National Day. To celebrate the date and enhance the brand image of innovation, Amanco, that even carries this expression on his slogan, decided to launch a different campaign: rely on content creators, no Instagram e no YouTube, to show how to innovate with the brand's products.

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+ de 220K
people reached
+ 300K
+ of 40
generated content in a week

The challenge:

Innovate and multichannel

O main challenge the Innovation Week campaign was to increase brand awareness in the run up to the Day of Innovation, 19 of October. The operational and creative aspect, They were also two distinct challenges: find content creators on Instagram and YouTube, creating this campaign in more than one channel, and convey the brand's ideas for date, what, briefly, It boiled down to create things and innovate using PVC pipes and connections Amanco.

The solution:

Do it yourself

The challenge involved a very important date for the brand, just to reinforce the power of innovation that carries, we chose to develop a campaign to answer the question: innovate as AMANCO? With this in view, segmented content creation in two platforms different, Instagram e YouTube. The main solution to the Question content creation was making videos - on YouTube, natively, and Instagram, through videos in the feed and stories - with the theme do it yourself (DIY) (do it yourself).

The success:

traditional numbers, saved content and identification with the brand

Besides the already traditional numbers of reach and impressions, more of 220 thousand and more 300 thousand, respectively, another metric that drew a lot of attention was the number of times the contents were saved no Instagram, totaling nearly 1900, precisely because it is a kind of instructional content and strong replication appeal. At the same time, even though a campaign with videos, which tend to have fewer interactions, We reached an average rate of engagement 3% (sum of tanned and comments relating to the number of followers of the profiles).

And the identification of profiles with the campaign was so that creators replicated the content on other networks that had not been contracted, further increasing the Innovation Week exhibition.