Amarok, Only mitologia Inuit, It means Arctic Wolf. A lone wolf, great, sturdy and powerful that, unlike the common wolves, prefers to hunt alone. These are also the features found in the truck of Volkswagen homonymous.

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The vehicle, launched in 2010, It won this year a new V6 engine - and it was the focus of work with Squid, in partnership with the agency Bullet.

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+160 thousand
+1,55 Million
of affected people
engagement rate

The challenge:

Robust, without losing the elegance

With the release of V6 in Portugal, Volkswagen wanted to make noise. Therefore, He had the influence of marketing to help her in this endeavor. The release took place in several cities in Brazil - some counted on simultaneous events - and which received influencers to produce content on the launch.

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The solution:

They were over 50 influencers activated, which involved Instagram main platform to promote the new V6 engine of the Amarok. Nos Stories, It rained quality content, in order to show exactly what was going on at the launch event, so that interested viewers could feel part of the action, living the moment with the influencers.

The success:

The campaign was conducted via Instagram and achieved an engagement rate of almost 5% powder post, impacting over 1,55 million users. To be launched in a single event, the Stories feature of the social network was one of the great strengths of the campaign - with it was possible to transmit all that was going on, show the vehicle, and even the engine performance through videos made during the test drive.

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