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Based on a book by Neil Gaiman, "American Gods" is one of the main series of the Amazon Prime catalog. The program already has two seasons on the air and tells the story of a war between the old gods, as Odin, and new gods, how technology and media, us United States.

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Durante a Comic Con Experience (CCXP) of 2018, Amazon Prime has brought to Brazil the actor Ricky Whittle, protagonist of the series, what, besides participating in the brand shares during the event, He met some of the fans of "American Gods".

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The challenge:

Disclose exclusive series

The main objective of Amazon Prime in CCXP was to bring visibility to their exclusive series, mainly for "American Gods", who won his second season in the first quarter of 2019.

The solution:

exclusive guests

Were invited 15 influencers to go to Spoiler Night, which it is the evening before the official opening of CCXP, and that only those who have invited can enter. this visit, the influencers team had preferential access to the booth Amazon Prime, to show all custom spaces. In addition to "American Gods", the brand created environments for other series, como “The Purge” e “The Man in the High Castle”.

But the big attraction was the presence of actor Rick Whittle, protagonista de “American Gods”, what, after giving interviews on site, He met and took pictures with the influencers.

The success:

real experience that engages

"The actual experience that Amazon provided for the influencers at the fair was very stimulating to generate content, it is very aligned with the favorite subjects of the selected team for the campaign ", explains Beatriz Moreira, expert influencers of Squid.

Because of the ambiance of the Amazon space, the contents were beautiful, and it was also a great stimulus to the influencers. "They loved getting to know the actor Ricky Whittle, this was the most positive experience, It was visible how much they were glad to be there ", full Beatriz.

A very close experience of the content produced naturally by influencers did the number of posts overtake 60% as 75 Originally scheduled publications.