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Since it was created and started its operation in 2008, Blue has continued to grow and soar higher flights. In five years of activity, the company went from 4 million to 22 million passengers. Before long, He reached the rank of third largest airline in Brazil, with activity inside and outside the national territory.

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The following year of its creation, Blue launched TudoAzul, benefits program that gives awards to their travel according to their passengers. Seeking to attract new registrations, the airline resorted to Squid to leverage its strategy.

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+ 3,5m
people reached
+ of 400
generated content
+ the 20K
new registrations

The challenge:

Fly Blue

Together with Squid, Blue launched the campaign "Join the TudoAzul" to promote the benefits of the program and attract new registrations. During the campaign period, They were selected over 20 microinfluenciadores to create great content.

The solution:

Join the TudoAzul

The campaign had a central goal: generate new entries for the benefits program TudoAzul. Through content that remetessem to travel, selected the influencers were subsidized for each new user generated. To measure results, Squid created custom links and parameterized, combining content and performance.

The success:

It was given the start

The campaign, performed Instagram, reached impressive numbers. Were more of 4,5 million impressions e more 3,5 million people reached, with one average engagement rate of over 3,5%. Besides that, They were generated almost 450 content, number 3 times higher than initially hired, and over 20 thousand new registrations for TudoAzul benefits program.