Flagship brand of Bayer portfólia in Brazil, the Bepantol, market leader and who created the moisturizing segment, He decided to show that the details really matter.

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Are for hair care, lips, Baby skin or skin with tattoo, which was the focus of the action, product line are the right option.

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+ de 600K
people reached.
+ 800K
+ of 4,5%
engagement per post.

The challenge:

The details matter

The main objectives of the brand when preparing the release strategy were increase brand exposure and increase sales. For being a campaign focusing on people with tattoos, the first challenge of the action, related to communication, It was to show how Bepantol should actually be used, for moisturizing, not for healing. Besides that, the structural point of view the action, Another major challenge was to promote a product that belongs to a delicate niche market for advertising, the pharmacist. Because there are a number of rules for the sector, every step of the action should be very well aligned not to be transmitted messages with banned content for niche account.

The solution:

Organization, alignment and precise guidelines

To solve the aspect of dissemination were selected 15 influencers, all with tattoos, to explain and show the skin, literally, as Bepantol works. Through informative and highly visual content the influencers who participated in the campaign were able to actually show what the step to use the product: no healing, but for the healing post hydration. As for the solution of an advertising standpoint, brand produced a material with the main guidelines, what could / should be talked about and which could not be served.

The success:

The success stamped on the skin

altogether, in just one month campaign, They were generated over 40 content between fixed posts and stories. In addition to the content they were also achieved significant results, translated into metrics: more of 800 thousand impressions and over 600 thousand people reached, in addition to having a higher engagement rate 4,5%. And finally, but not least, successfully serving content without any restriction with respect to advertising, that is, a success.