Everyone has experienced that moment plot twist. One day you decided something to change your future, or that event which brought with it a significant change. What was your first step? That was the inspiration behind the campaign developed for Bradesco, in partnership with Publicis.

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The challenge:

The first step is the hardest

Bradesco is experiencing a new phase which aims to move people, transform life. To meet this, came the idea of ​​holding the action focused on inspiring people through the sharing of its first steps. After all, sometimes it's just that push someone needs to say "I can too" and move on.

The solution:

Inspired by the example

The campaign had at least 2 inspiring posts published on Instagram using a #MaisUmPasso. Posts illustrated true stories of 100 influencers recruited, who shared with the audience which moments they considered important and the first steps towards this new future.

When choosing influencers, They were taken into account five important pillars of Bradesco: Culture, Education, Sport, Family and Innovation. That is, selected profiles reflect, somehow, these values.

The success:

It was given the start

The challenge was to humanize the brand through influencers, amplifying his voice from new audiences and creating genuine conversations - what has been achieved with 92% positive buzz created by the campaign and its 213 stories shared. They were over 110 thousand and tanned on Instagram 350 thousand people impacted the movement #MaisUmPasso.

"Bradesco wants to be platform for real stories that demonstrate the will to keep moving forward, to face new challenges, risking even without knowing if it will work. We all live new experiences, challenges and feel the goose bumps that following moves us forward. "

Digital channels, Bradesco

"It was amazing how we can go beyond the traditional proposals from the banks of relationship channels, focusing on customer service. With the campaign, we can call attention, humanizing brand, which generated very positive feedback from the public. "

Flavia Luz, Coordinator of Operations