Nowadays some brands already have an internal area for the management of influencers, however, do it manually is an arduous task. Imagine managing multiple profiles, across multiple platforms and with a multitude of content. Despite the Bravecto already has an area responsible for managing the brand influencers in networks, They chose to spend planning, the implementation and measurement of results for Squid, in order to enhance the results and vent their marketing team - after all, a marketing strategy should not hold just one aspect.

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+ of 2.5M
people reached
+ de 3M
+ of 1,800
generated content during the campaign

The challenge:

A key turning

There were three main challenges for the conduct of the campaign Stars Bravecto. O first their, as recruitment, was the filtering and selection of participants profiles, since the campaign would have the refinement of the ambassadors program that the brand already had. O second their, operational, was to generate content and increase brand awareness on social networks. It's the third and final challenge was to deliver better results than the Bravecto had with the internal management.

The solution:

Organization, alignment and precise guidelines

To choose the profiles that participate in the campaign, We define some aspects to serve as cut-off point: minimum amount of followers e minimum engagement rate, considering the last 30 days leading up to selection.

To solve the operational challenge of generating content and increased brand awareness, created a gamificação involving only content creation. Instead of the now traditional click the link, we chose to assign points to the generated content (fixed or stories - learn more about our monitoring tools) and engagement they brought.

The success:

Contents enviable and significant metrics

The success of planning and gamification created by Squid translates into action figures. They were over 2,5 million people reached, more of 3 million impressions, engaging an average rate greater than 3% and over 1800 generated content. All this in a period of 3 month campaign.

however, far beyond the numbers is significant change when comparing current results with previous, before Squid management: the range was almost 16 times higher, impressions were almost 20 times greater - not to mention the amount of generated content, more than twice the planned.