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At home or at work, You can never miss that coffee cake. Just feel that coffee smell that will comes. however, is not always easy to store coffee without losing quality - after all, open packaging is synonymous with moisture. To solve this problem, coffee Pestle, It is known by many Brazilians, innovated and changed the packaging, making it opens and closes. this innovation, by the way, It was the subject of the campaign pestle Opens & Date.

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The challenge:

Disclose the new packaging and product qualities

Since it is the launch of a new, the new packaging coffee Pestle, the main challenge of the action was to generate exposure for the brand and show that not everything has changed - the packaging was different, but the taste, the aroma and the quality of coffee remained. Besides that, there was another challenge, operational, to create a boom content, boosting the release of unison and synchronously.

The solution:

Divide and conquer

To address all product features, the influencers were divided into two groups: part was instructed to speak qualities of Coffee itself, addressing the aroma and flavor, and another part was instructed to speak practicality the new packaging. At the same time, to address multiple platforms, We follow the path of creating a campaign with content creators in Instagram e no YouTube.

While on Instagram mission was to generate 4 content, and two in the feed and two stories in, YouTube's mission was to generate a video, and that the product should be inserted within the first three minutes of video, to ensure that the retention time of the publications proporcionassem proper exposure Coffee Pestle.

The success:

traditional numbers, saved content and identification with the brand

The campaign's success is not just down to having fulfilled the proposed initial goals. We went further and, in addition to bringing significant metrics, as a range exceeding 1,5 million people, a higher amount of impressions 1,9 millions, and over 300 thousand views on YouTube, We brought more content than initially hired. These surpluses content, by the way, They were the result of an extremely assertive selection of influencers, recruiting content creators who had strong identification with the brand and with the theme.

At the same time, we can say that the content produced were of very high quality, both when it comes to aesthetics and the context of the campaign goals.