Created in 2011 by Grupo Boticário, Eudora's mission is to help women make your life happen. Give them the place that rightfully belongs, protagonists - not only of its own history.

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With a portfolio of varied categories of beauty products like perfumes, make ups, enamels and the like, and the very popular social networking, Eudora chose to create a unified strategy influencers, uniting the two worlds: celebrities and microinfluenciadoras, which was the focus of Squid.

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The challenge:

Pass the lipstick only once on

Whether you are male or female, is likely to have already come across the following situation: touch up lipstick or see someone touching up. It is common, during the day to day, color skirt and have to renew it. But is not the case of Lip Tint, Eudora. The great challenge of the campaign was to show that it is possible to keep intact lipstick with a single pass, even after a full day.

The solution:

Display the day as it is

To show the lipstick Resistance, We decided to appeal to an old saying, saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". Each influencer mission was to show that the fact does not leave lipstick, to teach how to pass it and that, even after a full day, he was still intact. We divided the content into two groups, according to the format that each requested: while the stories showed the day to day, generating closeness and accuracy, posts in the feed served for more detailed explanations.

The success:

The Lipstick Day

The result of the campaign was super expressive: more of 2,4 million impressions in a month campaign. Unlike a common campaign, the recruited influencers could also go to the Lipstick Day, Eudora, which was attended by the celebrities who also participated in the action. Besides that, could take two companions, chosen through a contest, which led the campaign engagement rate to over 3,5% - not to mention the growth of Instagram followers of Eudora, almost 200 thousand followers during the campaign.