Delta Q

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Present not Brazil since 2012, Delta Q is a traditional coffee brand, that there are more than 50 years wins European preference.

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The challenge:

Without a long history of publicity campaigns in Brazil, the action had as its initial objective to generate awareness and brand awareness, looking for conversion into sales.

The solution:

The campaign has enabled 38 microinfluenciadores, who received a Delta Q machine at home to appreciate the difference of the coffee blends, show the product facilities and also publicize exclusive discount coupons to your followers.

The success:

This was the first time that the brand bet on an action with influence marketing in Brazil and, even without this history, a Squid, in partnership with the Portuguese agency Social Animals, managed to build a campaign with great impact and great feedback from content creators. This is because the campaign was carried out simultaneously with the brand rebranding, which made possible a more modern communication and according to the purpose elaborated by the two companies.

The action happened during the quarantine, moment when people practice the social distance. In this context, a equipe de Brand Experience da Squid, with the Social Animals agency, responsible for the brand repositioning strategy in the Brazilian market, developed a storytelling where influencers were completely free to produce content that illustrated that it is possible to make pleasurable choices in the period and also enjoy the best espresso with your Delta Q coffee maker in the comfort of home.

“After some adjustments of direction in the strategy, during the campaign, we exceeded customer expectations regarding the content produced and also due to the positive impact we had on sales ”, tells Beatriz Hudson, analista de Brand Experience da Squid.

As a result, the brand had 71k clicks on the site and 238 discount coupon conversions, growth in the number of Instagram followers (addition of 66.2% at your base) and greater awareness and identification with the target audience. The campaign also managed excellent adherence rate, once 27.6% of the analyzed comments had one or more words considered strategic for the brand, e engagement of 38 activated microinfluencers, that produced 844 contents beyond the contracted.