Connected to the future, EZTEC is committed to building the quality of life and to offer its customers new ways to live and see the city. Positioned ahead of his time, the construction une architecture, technology, design and efficiency.

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With a lean structure, allowing easier to adjust the product portfolio, the construction works in different income brackets of the merger market, focusing on medium and high standard.

With 39 years of market and over 130 projects launched, the company had the Squid in the presentation of their new release: WITH. Pine trees.

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generated content.

The challenge:

Announce the launch of Z.Pinheiros

For the launch of its enterprise Z. Pine trees, EZTEC had the challenge of finding influencers who were passionate about decoration, lifestyle and luxury goods in São Paulo.

The solution:

Attention to detail

The Squid selected 10 influencers to participate in the information campaign on the new Z.Pinheiros. During the period of just over 1 month, this team had the task of creating content that addressed the many positive aspects of this release. Thus, posts would have to value location, proximity to subway stations, the gain in quality of life and also encourage people to visit the decorated.

"Fixed posts were responsible for calling the attention of followers and start a conversation on social networks, while the stories served perfectly so that the influencers showed all the details of the apartments and location of the enterprise ", Simone has Loponte, influencer specialist Squid.

The success:

Immersion of influencers and gain the results

Influencers who participated in the campaign delivered more than 30 posts provided for in the beginning of the campaign. By being close to seeing the beautiful apartments Z.Pinheiros and to count every last detail to his followers, they published over 110 content, being that 90% were stories. The results also surprised: were more than 540 thousand impressions that reached more than 400 thousand people.