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Generally synonymous with expensive and difficult objects to buy, appliances are desire for products of many people. Because of this, Whirlpool launched the Buy One, specialized shopping club in these products.

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Despite the difficulties of buying an appliance, The shopping club has facilitated users' lives: via e-commerce, you can purchase products direct from factory, cheaper, with further discounts. Getting married and want to decorate the new house? The Purchase One solves. Will present someone with something special? The Purchase One helps.

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The challenge:

In addition to a common advantage club

Although known, the concept of the Purchase One is to be a club just for guests. Because of this, many people do not know how it actually works. The great challenge of the campaign was, So, explain the operation of the club and how people can access it and also take advantage of discounts that it offers.

The solution:

The same technology but differently

Instagram by being a network with a strong focus on photos, explain the operation of shopping club like this would be an easy task. Since users usually look only for image and leave the next Legend, the effectiveness of disclosure decrease. To work around this situation, we chose to use two platform features: the stories and highlights. we created, So, a “Story Serie”, where influencers would use the stories to explain the operation of the club, approaching the daily lives of his followers, and highlights to make the explanation in the fixed feed. Besides that, also took advantage of the fixed publications, no feed, appealing to high quality videos.

The success:

Story Serie

Held on Instagram but outside the mainstream. Successful Story Serie occurred for a number of reasons: disruptively the use of social networking, contents that reflect the daily life of those who consume them e benefits (Even more) for followers of the selected influencers. The reflection of this are the numbers of the campaign - only generated Stories more of 450 thousand impressions, which represents approximately 65% do total (more of 700 thousand impressions).