Fisk has been highlighted with dynamic courses, updated teachers and modern and innovative teaching method, plus all the support structure for students and franchisees. Currently it has about 1.000 operating units spread all Brazilian states, plus units in Angola, Argentina, Japan, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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With its own methodology, Fisk the network of schools offer English courses, Spanish, Portuguese for Brazilian and Informatics; promote exchanges to Canada and Argentina and apply tests of international certifications such as TOEIC®, TOEFL® ITP e TOEFL® iBT.

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The challenge:

Brand Differentials

Fisk wanted to dispel the myth that English school is boring, presenting its Cyber ​​Fisk platform, that provides a different way to learn a language in a more playful and interactive way.

The solution:

Division into groups

In parallel with the campaign with microinfluencers, Fisk was launching an advertising piece with DJ Alok, renewing the brand jingle. Thereby, the influencers were divided into three groups, the first with a greater proximity to the world of music, approaching the campaign message with the artist.

The second group addressed the gaming universe and the interactivity of the Cyber ​​Fisk platform, while the latter group had a greater connection to travel and lifestyle, indicating how far you can go if you start learning English. Influencers also received a kit from Fisk to produce the content.

The success:

Different profiles and messages

Beyond, having exceeded the number of programmed content and achieved a good engagement, thanks to the different profiles that passed different messages to the followers, the campaign had another positive result: One of the recruited influencers was invited to record a video for Fisk. This video was shown on the brand's official channels and on other campaign platforms.