Hospital LeForte and Instituto Ayrton Senna

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In honor of 25 anniversary of the death of the pilot Ayrton Senna, the Institute that bears his name joined LeForte Hospital, in Sao Paulo, to make a special action: take the children admitted to walk in a custom car along with the character Senninha.

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In order to amplify this positive message, Ayrton Senna Institute and the hospital invited 3 influencers who could participate in the action and closely monitor the time.

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The challenge:

Show the purpose of the cart at the hospital, which is an attempt to leave a moment of fear and pain lighter and more humane and make an activation of social responsibility and positive impact.

The solution:

A Squid convidou, together with Instituto Ayrton Senna and Hospital LeForte, influencers @mammysblog and @melinaribas and Youtuber Silvia Faro, of the First Travel Mother Channel, to participate in the action and expand the reach of activation on social networks.

The success:

All children who have a procedure scheduled at Hospital LeForte go to the operating room using the electric cart. That, according to the clinical staff, eases tension and helps reassure little ones. Senninha's invasion of the children's ward contributed a lot to this moment, because it generated even more joy in patients, family and employees and, Above all, relaxation in the hospital environment. The action was wonderful and, far beyond metrics, had a nice social impact.

“To be able to improve those children's day was something noble. I went back to work feeling good and feeling that I should complain less, because there are people dealing with bigger problems than mine. We should definitely do more!”, says Juliana Sato, Influencers Specialist da Squid.