Invest in what really matters is the motto of Magnetis. With a mission to revolutionize how people plan their future through smarter investments, a delivery company, as a matter of fact, what really matters to your customers: the peace of mind that your money is yielding, easy and simple way, and the ability to focus on the future.

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No market since 2012, the company decided to invite people, through influencers, to know Magnetis. Much more than an aspirational campaign, selling a dream, the action decided to show how things really work.

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The challenge:

Meet Magnetis

Nowadays people have a fear huge as the financial market. The truth is, for lack of knowledge or lack of will, many people have sought to move away from banks and investors tracidionais. The main challenge of Magnetis with the campaign "Invest in what matters" was, just, break the taboo of the difficult investment and show that it is possible to apply our easy way of money and, mainly, rentábil.

The solution:

What really matters is your future

Despite breaking a taboo not be something easy, the Magnetis decided to show that it is possible to invest easily and focusing only on her life - she does the rest. influencers were recruited from various niches with a mission to talk about their dreams, the seeking for their future and how the brokerage investment part of it. The key factor of the campaign was to give the influencers freedom to talk about whatever they wanted: travel more, view friends, be more along with the extended family.

The success:

Investment without headache is possible

The campaign was launched via Instagram and, in just one month, reached more of 200 thousand people. however, beyond good numbers, the Magnetis generated genuine engagement and that was against the proposed action - break the taboo of the financial market and inspire more people to also look at what matters.

Besides that, for being so easy, the influencers themselves, without much experience in the financial market, They had huge property to explain how the investment broker actually worked, simply, uncomplicated and at a distance of a few taps on the mobile screen.