Traveling to Switzerland, meet Roger Federer, tennis legend, and earn more than 2 thousand reais to spend on Lindt chocolates for a year. It may seem an impossible dream, but that's exactly what the winner of the promotion Unforgettable Journey, by Lindt, He took home. The task was not difficult: the above shopping 75 Real earned it a number to register on the site and apply for these and other awards. To leverage the exposure of the promotion and the number of shares, Lindt resorted to using microinfluenciadores.

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The challenge:

Content generation and encouraging the promotion

The Unforgettable Journey campaign had two main challenges: generate exposure and increase the number of participants promotion in a short period of time. Because it is a promotion that had a "minimum requirement" to participate, spend 75 in real brand products in physical stores, the contents should be well targeted, showing and explaining how to, indeed, compete for awards.

The solution:

Organization, alignment and precise guidelines

To solve the challenges brought campaign, We proposed some solutions. About the Question dissemination and access to website promotion, we chose the path of gamificação, rewarding the best placed in Question creating content and driving traffic - which has generated a sense of urgency among the participants and boosting campaign during the days of the campaign.

Besides that, as a central part of the action, to instruct the influencers go to the shops, make one purchase of 75 real (via voucher) and create content right there, showing how easy it was to register and participate in the promotion.

The success:

Many content daily and successful promotion

The success of the action could be translated in the number of impressions and scope and content of number created by influencers. altogether, during the days of the campaign, They have been achieved 300 thousand people, whereby was obtained 375 thousand impressions, and they were generated over 140 content - ie, an avarage of 20 content per day, more than double the contracted.