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Founded in 1987 In London, Shell started as a trading company. After nearly a decade of existence, she joined the Royal Dutch Petroleum and became what we know today: or group Royal Dutch Shell Group, responsible for gas stations and, Clear, by Shell Select convenience stores. After all, It is not only the fuel that people are going to put not even?

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The convenience store, by the way, It was the focus of the campaign that Squid held with Shell. With the motto "Humanologia Shops in Shell Select", Shell faced the challenge of showing an everyday face of convenience stores and the people who attend.

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+ the 280K
people reached
+ of 375K
+ of 9%
engagement rate

The challenge:

Humanize brand

Humanologia is the technology know what you like. And it is this technology that Shell invested with Shell Select stores. The idea of ​​action is to bring the concept that a quick stop at the convenience of Shell stations is all you need when you want to make a pitstop, is completed while waiting for the tank, whether passing in front of the post for a walk down the street, in the breakfast, afternoon snack, or even before (and then) the ballad. Besides that, I took unfolding stories that would help make it more human and close space of everyday situations of people who do not necessarily go there to reset the fuel.

The solution:

More than a gas store

The interesting of influence marketing is the power of choice that it gives the brand to select one that will be your spokesman: the creator. For Shell campaign, work with different niches and different personas to establish communication with the end consumer was one of the key differentiators. In this sense, instead of a single profile of influencer, were selected people who are consumers of the convenience stores for various reasons: the person baladeira, a college student who loves to travel, the student, one who enjoys motoring and related. And how each would act within the store? What they seek (and that Shell can offer)? That's what they showed us content created for action.

The success:

Humanologia in stores

The campaign, conveyed on Instagram, had fixed content and Stories. The results were outstanding: more of 280 thousand people reached, more of 370 thousand impressions it is a engagement rate than 9%. In addition to the great generated content, Shell could start repositioning the stores Shell Select - that was the main objective of the action done with influencers.