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If we had to choose one word to define the Brazilian people, this word would be syncretism. We are born of an ethnic mix, religious and cultural so unique that our main characteristic is to have several characteristics. Equanto Fulano is black and Buddhist, ciclano is Eastern and candomblecista. Perhaps, due to the ethnic and religious mix, these assignments have sounded strange, but they are the picture of our country.

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Although we are a mixed people, tolerance to the mix does not always exist. And this tolerance (or lack thereof, oftentimes) was, just, the agenda of the first episode of the series Explorer Investigation, da National Geographic.

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The challenge:

Exposing an ideal, raise awareness and generate views

There were two main challenges of the campaign: from a structural point of view it was to find influencers who represent the different religions of our country and showed the importance of religious tolerance in our context, already the awereness point of view was the release of the series, which was launched on the National Geographic Channel on YouTube. Consequently, also came the challenge of leveraging the amount of views and subscribers brand channel, representing the rejuvenation of the audience.

The solution:

For intolerance, knowledge

During the campaign, which lasted a week, They used the two main formats of content present on Instagram. They were generated photos, Fixed not feed the influencers, talking about the religion of each and releasing the first episode of the series, e stories, explaining a little better about it was the series. To help spread, a Nat Geo, in addition to providing the episode early way to the selected, created for each influencer a custom shirt, emblazoned with the name of religion and then the phrase "So?”. Thus, provided with all necessary information, might disclose the episode, the series and where it would be available, taking traffic to the YouTube channel of the brand.

The success:

Breaking a taboo and beyond

Good restuldados campaign, besides being able to be translated into numbers, They were also seen in the publications of influencers. My numbers, in addition to the aforementioned metrics, We can also put that were generated over twice the amount of content initially hired. Now, speaking of the content itself, we can consider various materials that were generated talking subsequent episodes, spontaneously, organic, because the subject of Investigation Explorer series.