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Was 1972 the brothers Anderson and Jefferson Birman gave rise to one of the largest women's shoes from Brazil: a Arezzo. Today, the brand accounts for a franchise network with more than 350 physical stores scattered 180 municipalities in various regions of the country. In 2017, expanding its mission beyond the physical boundaries, Arezzo Group opened its online store, which was named Outstore.

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The e-commerce came up with the intention of opening another channel through which their customers could buy products desire for big brands that make up the giant shoes (como AREZZO, Schultz and Ana Capri), with special discounts and with the same quality of physical stores.

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The challenge:

Believe, you will love!

Arezzo started, in partnership with Squid, the campaign "Believe, you will love!"To promote the new website of your e-commerce, as well as a promotion even more special discounts for this day. Using the influence of marketing, the brand selected 40 influencers to help her in this endeavor that had a special date to happen: Consumer Day, celebrated worldwide on 15 March.

The solution:

Footprint Respect

Through the Squid platform, the Outstore created a timely action to convey your message and bring visibility to the site. The original intention was to boost the e-commerce sales through posts on Instagram of influential and, especially, Stories of - that were used to show how it worked the site for followers of the selected profiles. They were created custom vouchers for influencing distribute among his followers, each giving a discount on the value of the shoes that were already labeled with a discount offered in celebration of the Consumer Day.

The success:

It was given the start

The campaign, carried out exclusively via Instagram, achieved a engagement rate 5% powder post, impacting over 650 thousand unique users on the social network. The initial action count on a certain number of posts made by influencing, but engaging them organically created 3 times more content and each influencer generated, average, almost 80 visits to the site and managed to attract 65 new users to e-commerce. Besides that, about a billing third with action * came from the partnership made with Squid.

>> The Squid measures the results from posts via Stories by monitoring tool. Learn more about it here

*The campaign with the Squid occurred in conjunction with other simultaneous actions of brand marketing on account of the World Consumer Day.

"It was notorious and engagement and responsiveness of most girls for action. We were happy to see their happiness for participating and forward our brand to their followers ".

Danielle Bond Tretto, Arezzo&Co

"The strong point of this campaign was the match of influencers and brand. The girls acted as true ambassadors of Outstore, creating great content and reaching the audience surefire way. We were able to draw attention to the e-commerce, starting some kind of loyalty to the followers of the influential - which generated positive feedback from all parties involved in the action. "

Kamila Kikuchi, expert digital influencers