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Concerned about the transformations generated in Brazil and the world due to Covid-19, especially in the way of consuming content and products, Pandora has developed an action to make consumers aware of the importance of maintaining social distance, do not leave home and encourage people to engage in activities that not everyone previously prioritized.

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The challenge:

Make people aware of the importance of staying at home during this quarantine, making them try new activities at home. Besides that, instead of going to the physical store, the action encouraged a visit to the brand's e-commerce, generating awareness and brand recall.

The solution:

activate 22 influencers, brand ambassadors, to show interesting activities that could be done during the quarantine, jewelry storage, hair care, skincare, recipes. Besides that, at the end of each story sequence, they shared exclusive information about the brand's e-commerce (free shipping and exclusive gifts).

The success:

Amid the pandemic, the Pandora jewelry brand managed to stay relevant. The action, held in Stories, counted on the participation of 22 influencers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Communication was divided into three different stages: poll with followers' favorite activities (box of questions), the activity carried out by the influencer and the invitation to visit e-commerce.

“It is interesting to see how a campaign carried out only on Instagram Stories (we didn't have a post in the feed) generated a large number of people reached, raised awareness of the importance of staying at home, encouraged the practice of new activities and also provided exclusive gifts for the brand's customers ”, Julia Pino reveals, Analist of Brand Experience da Squid.

With action, Pandora managed to go beyond the jewels. She broadened her brand awareness, produced, in partnership with content creators, valuable content and managed to increase the flow of people in your e-commerce.