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During the month of October, Bradesco developed the campaign # PrevenirÉLutar, which aimed to remind the importance of women knowing their own bodies and do the breast self-examination. Judge Aléxia Castilhos was invited to join this fight and strengthen the campaign.

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in parallel, Squid has developed a new campaign using the same hashtag and created a community of action especially for the bank, in order to find influencers who had a story to tell about breast cancer and who also practiced sports.

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The challenge:

Find influencers who practiced some kind of sport and had some story related to breast cancer to share. It is a sensitive topic, there was great care with the type of communication used in the campaign, especially since we were dealing with real stories from real people.

The solution:

The Squid of the proposal was to encourage participants to share messages about physical activity practicing and reinforcing the importance of taking care of health. This is an especially important message in October, month reminds us about the importance of self-examination in order to prevent breast cancer.

The success:

Breast cancer is the most common among women in Brazil and self-examination is very important for early diagnosis. Besides that, according to the Inca (National Cancer Institute), the practice of regular exercise helps to reduce the occurrence of disease. Therefore, this action was very important to increase the discussion on the subject and reinforce the idea that prevention is always the best choice.

Shared stories during the campaign and serve as a warning, Above all, example for other women to do the self-examination often and practice sports. "Prevention should be our best friend. Therefore, develop a campaign with the aim of reinforcing the importance of such action was very nice and rewarding ", says Beatriz Moreira, Influencers Specialist da Squid.