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The RD was born in Brazil, in 2011, with the goal of helping companies of all sizes and sectors to understand and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing, achieving real and effective results for your business.

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The solution:

In March, RD held the Conversion Optimization Week, which consisted of a series of free webinars, where industry experts shared tips and strategies to increase conversion rates.

They were summoned 10 influencers with a focus on entrepreneurship and marketing. These profiles received a parameterized link to pass on to their followers to watch the webinars. Within the campaign, we promote gamification with the recruited team. Thereby, the profile that brought in the most conversions during the period was awarded R $ 1.000,00

The success:

During this first action, more than 3.000 hits by influencers' links. The result was very satisfactory, and RD returned with a new campaign for Social Media Day, that happened in June.

This time, were summoned 4 influencers to promote a four-hour live with several professionals. The gamification format has been activated again, and the winner, in addition to the R $ 1,000.00, won an RD Summit ticket.

In this second action, more than 1.900 hits.