Not all paints can be considered a skin cancer and, precisely why, many people fail to pay attention when a new speck appears in the body. Unfortunately, this natural carelessness can hinder the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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In order to stimulate and broaden the discussion about the importance of this issue and reduce the rate of cases of skin cancer, pharmaceutical Roche, world leader in oncology, #DeOlhoNosSinais created the campaign to bring awareness to the health care of the skin and early diagnosis, which can increase the chances of cure in up 90%.

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The challenge:

As Roche provides services for hospitals and clinics, she has no contact with the end consumer. The campaign's goal was just talking to these people to stimulate awareness about the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer, but without mentioning the brand name.

The solution:

At first, influencers used the stories to present stains on many surfaces, is a food dirt on an outfit or a coffee stain on the table. With this image, they questioned why that bothered spot, but one little spot on the skin was not of concern.

No second time, the campaign held the stories and the feed of influencers. This time, they published photos outdoors and talked about the importance of protecting themselves from excessive exposure to sunlight. In addition to inviting followers to be more attentive to stains and spots that may appear on the skin.

On your website, Roche has published an infographic about the types of skin cancer and some information about stains and spots that can be signs of the disease. Publications of influencers brought links to followers access the content produced by the pharmaceutical.

The success:

The division into two stages and content that provided a conversation with followers made the campaign had an above average engagement. "Many people commented on posts. The influencers are real people and that closeness with the public was very positive to discuss skin cancer, a very pertinent question in the summer, time when posts focused ", Mayara account Cristhine, expert influencers of Squid.

The number of publications also exceeded the expected delivery. Influencers published 275 total content, 80% more than the 150 publications mentioned in the beginning of the campaign. The results were very positive, over 1 million impressions and people reached.