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Can you imagine refusing an ice cream in midsummer or have to give up coffee cake after lunch? We are not talking about any new diet, but of tooth sensitivity. Those who suffer from sensitive teeth knows this scenario we present. It is thinking of those people who Sensodyne develops its products, best to prevent and relieve tooth sensitivity, besides providing deep cleansing.

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The challenge:

Clarifying tooth sensitivity

Despite being very common, few people know that tooth sensitivity is a treatable problem and it need not be a barrier that prevents people from enjoying your life fully. Believe that 3 to each 10 people abstain from eating or drinking for having tooth sensitivity?

The solution:

The authentic stories that engage

The Sensodyne had the Squid to invite microinfluenciadores in spreading your message. In addition to testing the brand's products, they told personal stories and shared with his followers perceived changes with the use of the product.

Each one of 40 influencers had autonomy to create their content. This ensured the authenticity of the reports, essential to win and engage the public.

The success:

traditional numbers, saved content and identification with the brand

The Sensodyne campaign exceeded expectations and went beyond 240 contracted publications. Thanks to the identification of influencers with the proposal, They were made over 500 posts and the campaign had more than 2 million impressions and 1,89 million people reached. These numbers reflect the assertiveness in the choice of profiles. Our team recruited content creators who had strong identification with the brand and with the theme.