Originally created in 1864 por Piotr Arseneevich Smirnov, hitherto an unknown (and which became one of the most famous vodka manufacturers Russia), Smirnoff as we know it today began to be sold by his son, Vladimir Smirnov. Fleeing persecution in Russia blochevique and after passing through various places and professions, Vladimir found fertile ground in France to market the most awarded vodka today.

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+ the 750K
people reached.
+ the 950K
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generated content.

The challenge:

Reinforce the new brand positioning

The main challenge of the campaign was break the common vision of the vodkas, being a nightcap, pre-ballad. As new positioning Smirnoff, We had to align communication with influencers and propose a mission to create great content, dignos de outdoors, and to answer the question: meeting which deserves a toast with the most awarded vodka brand in the world?

The solution:

Influencers, gamification and creativity

To solve this challenge, proposed a gamificada campaign which the main evaluation criteria were the quality of content generated and the situation where Smirnoff was involved - ie, to answer the question proposed.

Apart from the initial cache, We decided to take other awards to further encourage the participation of content creators in action. We offer for the first five pairs placed ticket for the Multishow Award 2018.

The success:

Content and beautiful exhibition of the new brand positioning

The success of the campaign translates that old saying that a picture says a thousand words (200, So, neither walls). In addition to high quality content, the action also brought significant metrics for the month airing: were more than 750 thousand people reached which generated more than 950 thousand impressions. Besides that, for being great content, the engagement rate was also considerable, more of 3,5%.

After all, we can say that the aim of showing the new brand positioning and create content worthy of advertisements have been met with praise.