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Ah, the summer! The station that suits beach, heat and cold beer, of course. Now, imagine if a brand decides to give it all to you and on top in a paradise atmosphere as the northeastern coast? This was the idea that Sun, Beer believes in espiritu libre, brought to Squid to communicate its new positioning.

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Created to be an authentic and refreshing beer, Sol is an old acquaintance of Mexicans. Since coming here, is gaining the Brazilian public to have a balanced flavor, beyond the ideal lightness to be consumed at parties and fun times with friends.

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The challenge:

A presence in the best parties of New Year's Eve BRasil

Disclose beer Sun, #tastethesun its new positioning and brand presence in the most famous Reveillon parties Northeast.

The solution:

The match between influencer and accurate brand

After raising over 40 names, It was made to identify the profiles that had more connection to the brand and its goals. Like this, we arrived in 4 influencers who were invited to participate in the action and received 24h support of our team, which was responsible for all logistics involving take them and escort them to the beaches Pipa and Jericoacoara. "Our main activity was to keep the aligned influencers with producer. being there, but it was easy to take the doubts and make adaptations in the strategies ", says Amanda Guerra, the Squid business coordinator.

In addition to creating posts and stories telling his audience about the trip and the partnership with Sun to enjoy the Reveillon, influencers @luanafnogueira, @bruno_damasio, @mariicostaa @pedropucci and participated in recordings and photo shoots of own brand, who took the scenarios of beaches to produce amazing content.

The success:

authentic content in a breathtaking environment

Of course the idyllic environment inspired our influencers, however, the close relationship with the brand and their involvement with the campaign also positively impacted the results. "The sun is a great brand and took advantage of the launch of its new positioning incrível.Isso way made the influencers they could absorb all the energy of action, which reflected on creativity when creating content ", Amanda strengthens.

From 28 programmed contents, They were handed over 100. The number three times made the number of prints stay up 1.33 million and reached over 1 million people. Of the total produced content, 77% of them were in Instagram Stories. "They are easier and faster to produce and show the whole authenticity of influencers, mainly non-video format ", says Amanda.

A closer analysis of the comments shows that the message of the Sun positively impacted the followers of influencers. Many of the nearly 900 Comments on fixed publications was positive and made references to the product. During the campaign, the profile of the brand on Instagram grew up in 2 thousand followers.