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Recently the Blue Airlines launched a direct flight from Campinas (Viracopos) to Buenos Aires. A Squid, along with TudoAzul, It showed not only the ease of the new flight, but also all the experiences that travelers can have in the capital of Argentina.

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The challenge:

Introduce the new direct flight from Campinas Azul to Buenos Aires

The solution:

Along with TudoAzul, Azul Linhas Aereas, and Blue Travel, Squid invited a creator, @andyspinelli, to try the new flight and spend a weekend enjoying all that Buenos Aires has to offer tourists.

The Squid accompanied the creator since his departure in Sao Paulo and in all the tours we did in the capital, supporting logistics and also to the production of its contents.

The success:

With all this support, the creator was able to publish over 100 contents showing the ease and speed of the plane trip with the Blue and all the rides you can do in Buenos Aires in a weekend.

With a well-visual content and engages with future travelers, It could reach over 300 thousand people.

In addition to Instagram, @andyspinelli produced a video for your canal no YouTube which had more than 15 thousand views in a week.