In 2016, after Dana White, UFC President, raise the dispute between Miesha Tate and Brazilian Amanda Nunes main fight of the night, the history of women's MMA in Brazil began a new chapter. Lioness, as it is known, it took only 3 minutes and 16 seconds to reach the belt and become the first Brazilian champion of the UFC.

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Since then, much has changed. "Fight Like a Woman" became a sign of strength, or you doubt the ability of an athlete like Ronda Rousey when rises in the Octagon? Women are, increasingly, gaining ground in this sport and not a few that stand out in Brazilian MMA. "Bring a theme as they battle for the female universe is a different and necessary agenda. Help demystify the world of sports and martial arts, usually attributed to men, It was an amazing mission ", Thais account Bellotto, the Squid business coordinator. "And for that, we have even more amazing influencers, they had much involvement with the subject and the various aspects of the word 'fight' is ", full.

The series "Women in Struggle" near portrays the big names of MMA and follows the training routines, struggles and also the difficulties, weaknesses and desires of these athletes. For the launch of the series, UFC influencers invited to the premiere which also featured a chat about women in sports, Liguori mediated by Alison, do Think Olga, with the fighter of UFC, Jessica Andrade and Ballerina Ballet City of São Paulo, Camila Ribeiro.

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The challenge:

A premiere in style and quality content

The premiere was a moment of, in addition to promoting the series, bring to the public debate on the role of women in sport. Influencers who attended the event would have to spread these messages through social networks, creating quality content on the topic and contributing to the dissemination of "Women in Struggle".

The solution:

Develop the relationship between brand and influencers

For the dissemination of the series, Squid invited 29 influencers for the premiere event. Immersion of influencers in customer universe is always the best way to create relevant content and impact for followers. That, together with the creators of the ability to create authentic narrative and convey the true way messages to his followers, causes of influence marketing strategies as the UFC to launch "Women in Struggle" are really effective.


The success:

Influencers engaged generate relevant content

The dynamics of the event enabled the interaction with and between activations, which in turn impact the amount of produced content. "More than receive products and disseminate them, a content creator values ​​experience. Live a memorable situation, that enables real connections between brand and influencer is the key to authentic content, sincere and well produced ", explains Thais. The 87 scheduled posts, They were handed over 227 content, which generated more than 1,07 million impressions and impacted over 843 thousand people. The impact was positive both with followers, that interacted with posts, as with his own influencers, who worshiped experience. E, Clear, for customers who dive into the strategy of influence and understand the impact of the universe of content creation, It is always the feeling of satisfaction with results like these.