The motto of the Natura is welfare-well, and promote well-being is one of the company's missions since its foundation, in 1969. Therefore, all the company's shares has the focus to encourage self-esteem, and transform the relationships people have with each other and with nature. And there best time that Carnival to break free from social stereotypes and reflect on the outside what is inside?

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The challenge:

breaking stereotypes

Carnival's party time, of joy and lots of color. And color was what did not miss the makeup that Natura selected for this time of year - and which were used by content creators. The line color palettes Watercolor asked creativity and authenticity of influencers. The idea here was to break barriers, break stereotypes, after all #todabelezapodeser.

The solution:

Delivered, authentic, audacious. These three adjectives best describe the message that Natura begins with their products and have these characteristics that delineated content producers in their creations made especially for action. E, Clear, how could not miss: much brightness!

The success:

The freedom that Natura gave content creators to use the colors the way you matched with their styles and values ​​is also essential for the creation of personality contents, strong, unique - like the colors of Watercolor line. Because of this, influencers managed to bring brand awarenesswhen the desired action was initiated, totaling nearly 3 million people and almost reached 290 thousand engagements (comments + likes).