5 simple techniques to produce quality videos

3 The February the 2020

Equipment, softwares, many editing programs. Sometimes, produce videos with good quality can seem like a daunting task, but come prove otherwise. Check out tips to produce good videos and raze the next content

To be one influencer that really stands out, We need to produce good content. E, talking in videos,  quality is virtually indispensable. In the midst of so many professional equipment, difficult to handle, indecipherable and editing programs, create relevant content audiovisual may seem like an impossible mission. To help you, show that, with the right techniques, You can produce videos in a simple and well-done. Check out tips for producing quality using simple techniques.

Organize your ideas and prepare a roadmap

Even more videos spontaneous They need a minimum planning. It is important to think about what will be said and how, before actually start recording.

Tip: prepare a roadmap (which can be written or not) what will be said in the video. Organize ideas will help you to have a story with a beginning, middle and end. this structure, in its turn, will help the public better understand the message you want to convey. Think of examples and language that will be used - this will facilitate the work on recording and editing, avoiding errors and other events that could disrupt.

Beware quality: as are their equipment?

It is possible to produce good quality videos even without owning professional tools. For this, it is important to pay attention to some details: before recording, thoroughly clean the camera lens (with the proper tools and products) and make sure the microphone is working. Make tests to check the operation of all equipment, is a camera or smartphone, without forgetting the battery and lighting. If you record with your phone, choose the horizontal position - it is best suited to different formats, facilitating video preview.

1, 2, 3, testing!

Now that you've thought about the content and checked if the equipment is working and with enough energy, the time has come to make a small sample, that is, record the first version of the video. It is not necessary to record the entire contents, but enough to make sure everything is the way you want. see if:

  • the sound is good and clean enough to be understood, no noise;
  • the lighting is bright enough for a clear picture;
  • the focus is in the right place;
  • if you record at home (bedroom living room), ensure that the background that appears in the video is neat, no mess.

At that point it is important to watch this sample content from the public's point of view. Like this, You can make the necessary changes and make the video more attractive.


After following the above tips, do the full version is easy, besides getting a better result.

Concentrate and keep in mind what has been thought and prepared previously. This will facilitate the recording, less rework and cuts, which will make the content more fluid.


At this stage, It happens refinement video. You can cut out parts and add elements to it gets closer to the desired goal, as vignettes, special effects - visual and audible. Although enrich content, these features are not required and should be used with balance. Ensuring that the sound is clear, the image sharp and the content to be transmitted in an interesting way and easy to understand, much of the path to success will have been covered.

Following these steps will facilitate, is very, its production videos. This will also please your audience and, surely, It will make you stand out in social networks.

Remember if: pleasure in all this process is key to a positive outcome. Therefore, release the creativity and be authentic in the creation of content, produces the videos you also like to watch - it's likely that many people think like you and enjoy the result.

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